Stephen Robert Morse
Stephen Robert Morse

In the Controversy Over Max Stark, the New York Post Gets It Right

Meet Michael Buchholz, a former tenant who has his own story to share.


An Open Letter to Anyone Who Thinks It's OK to Clip Fingernails in Public

Clipping one's fingernails in public, especially on the subway, is repulsive. Nobody should be exposed to the noise or the filth it creates.

How to Quit Your Job and Live the Dream

The beauty of reinventing yourself.

7 Reasons Why Japan's PR Troubles Can't Stop It From Being Awesome

I recently traveled to Japan and discovered why it is one of the best countries out there — Guardian articles, nuclear disasters, and slowing economies be damned.

Want More Millennials in Office? Then It's Time to Ditch the Two-Party System

Politics should be more than just Democrats or Republicans.

Millennials, It Was Your Moment, And You Failed

With the government shutdown now going on nearly a week, this would have been a great opportunity for millenials to show Washington who's boss.

Want to Be a CEO? You Need to Watch This TV Show Now

'Undercover Boss' is brilliant as an education tool for managers of all stripes.

The One Thing That Makes a Country Work — and That the U.S. Will Never Have

Small countries like Rwanda and Denmark can compete more efficiently and advance at faster rates than larger countries, whose progress gets snarled frequently.

If Stop-and-Frisk is Illegal, NYC Will Become Dangerous Again

Monday's ruling making stop and frisk illegal in New York City risks turning the city back into its 1970s self, when crime was rampant.

Why is the U.S. So Behind On Crowdfunding Startups?

Europe may be in a severe recession, but they have made it simple for anyone, not only accredited investors, to invest in startups.

With NYC Bike Share Coming, Here's What to Do to Avoid Winding Up Under An 18-Wheeler

Last year, I wrote about my fears for the NYC bike share program. Now, as an avid cyclist, here are my tips for avoiding injuries and death on the streets of NYC.

Startups, Kickstarter, and the Price of Bullshit (That You Paid For!)

The long-form science journalism site Matter was "acquired" by Medium last week. And you paid for it!

My Hometown's Recovery From Sandy Has Been Lackluster, And Could Have Been Better

When disaster struck, Oceanside, where I grew up, had few resources to rely on. The Town of Hempstead, Nassau County, New York State, and FEMA were useless.

To the NYC Taxi Driver Who Hit Me, You Won't Get Away! I Got Your Plate, 5Y61B.

To the taxi driver who hit me, you picked the wrong guy. I have reported you, and will be testifying against you.

Sandy Hook Shooting: How the Media Screwed Up the Reporting of This Tragedy

In the quest to report the news first, rather than to report the news best, the media have failed.

Black Friday: America at Its Worst, and Why the 47% Need to Reconsider Their Priorities

Do not get me started on the concept of Black Friday, because it is, for lack of a better word, puke-worthy. Yes, I'm talking to YOU, the 47% of Americans who participate in this annual fiasco.

Guy Fieri Times Square Restaurant Review: Here Is The Grade I Give It After I Tried It Myself

The restaurant was mediocrity at its finest, but not nearly as bad as the New York Times' Pete Wells would have made it seem.

29 Things I Learned in the Aftermath of Hurricane Sandy

A mix of the serious, the funny, and the weird.

Top 8 Donald Trump Tweets in the Minutes After President Obama Won A Second Term

Donald Trump is a whiny little bit*h.

Sheldon Adelson Gave 70 Mil to Romney Campaign: Shady Super PAC Donor Loses Big

Billionaire casino owner Sheldon Adelson donated over $70 million to Mitt Romney's campaign. He should have just bought himself a private island instead.