Liz Alton
Liz Alton

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3 Expert LinkedIn Strategies for Improving Your Career

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China Shuts Down the Internet, But Here's Why It May Backfire

Recent efforts by China to "turn off the internet" raise important concerns over the country's economic future – and what it means in the face of global economic crisis.

4 Ways Millennials Can Use LinkedIn to Find Jobs

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What Are Google Glasses? What is Project Glass?

With the invention of Google glasses, we’ve arrived at a moment where full-on augmented reality is at most a few years away, rather than a science fiction construct or geek’s wet dream.

3 Things The Kim Kardashian Flour Bomb Teaches Us About Social Media Tactics

The PR and social media response to the Kim Kardashian Flour Bomb incident teaches important lessons on how to seize the moment in the news cycle to get your message out.

Groupon, Living Social, And Daily Deal Sites Are Doing More Harm Than Good With UK Investigation

Making an informed decision about the daily deal sites like Groupon and LivingSocial.