Susan Kraykowski
Susan Kraykowski

July 15: On This Day In History

July 14 may be the anniversary of the storming of the Bastille, but the day after is no slouch either. Here are just a few examples.


5 Things I Wish Someone Had Told Me When I Started My First Professional Job

Your education isn't over with graduation, millenials. There is so much more to learn!

NSA Surveillance: Metadata Isn't What You Think It Is

Before hyperventilating, excoriating and otherwise panicking, understand what we're talking about.

Voting Rights Act Supreme Court: To See Why We Still Need the Law, Take This Test

If you think we no longer need the Voting Rights Act, you might want to see some of the questions that Louisiana asked blacks in the mid-1960s.

Gay Pride Parade 2013: DOMA Ruling Gives NYC More to Celebrate This Weekend

This weekend's Pride Parade in NYC will be a glorious celebration. Just don't lose track of the journey. Equality hasn't been fully achieved yet.

Father's Day 2013: In Praise of Gentle Men, Fathers Or Not

Honor the men who, whether they were your biological father or not, helped raise you.

Charleston, South Carolina, Is Awesome

Coastal South Carolina has been in the news lately for it's wild political theater. But there's more to Charleston than Mark Sanford.

Mother's Day 2013: 8 Notable Moms Throughout History to Remember

Warriors, artists, empresses, thugs: they were all mothers.

Sequester 2013: 4 Cuts That Affect You Whether You're a Democrat or a Republican

Let's take the example of the FAA furloughs reversal bill to heart and make some noise out there to reverse other parts of the sequester cuts that harm Americans.

Should Michele Bachmann Be a Member Of the House Intelligence Committee?

Bachmann's questions to CIA Director John Brennan in Committee Hearings suggest she doesn't know how to handle sensitive information.

Waco Anniversary: Domestic Terrorists Have Been Hiding Amongst Us the Whole Time

The 20th anniversary of Waco is a story worth telling to new generations because it has reverberations in the present day.

What is Misogyny, and How to Recognize a Misogynist

Misogyny is such a large and complex issue that full explication within PolicyMic’s 500-word article guideline is impossible. However, this is a darn good attempt.

5 Reasons Millennials Should Be Excited to Eventually Turn 50

As millennials, you're probably not thinking about turning 50, but time flies, so here are some reasons you should be excited to eventually reach the big 5-0.

Yes, There's Life After Work — But You Have to Work For It

In a world of laptops and smartphones, is it still possible to keep work at your office where it belongs?

Jeb Bush 'Meet the Press' Interview: Bush Calls David Gregory a "Crack Addict," and He's Right!

I agree that political reporters, talking heads, Sunday Show hosts and pundits are "like crack addicts" when it comes to flogging their product.

World Baseball Classic 2013: Roster and Pool C Schedule

If you've managed to miss the past two World Baseball Championships, don't miss this year's — it's going to be amazing! Here's a partial roster and Pools A-C schedules.


Black History Month Post-Mortem: What is An Appropriate History Lesson?

An appalling story about a primary grade coloring assignment appeared in the March 1 edition of The Florida Times-Union. It raises many questions about appropriate teaching and lessons.

Lil Buck Jookin: Dancer Explains Moves to Stephen Colbert

Lil Buck appeared on 'The Colbert Report' Thursday night to explain "jookin" and went above and beyond by demonstrating life in all of its artistry and beauty.

Ridiculous Lawsuit Over First Amendment Rights Shows Americans Need to Get Over Being Offended

The ACLU and the Freedom From Religion Foundation are suing a middle school over a religiously-themed painting hung in the school's hallway, while the Liberty Institute defends it.

Westminster Dog Show 2013: Irresponsible Breeding is Morally Wrong

With the biggest canine event of the year going on, it's important to remember that indiscriminate over-breeding is just as immoral as the physical abuse of animals.