Gerard Emershaw
Gerard Emershaw

U.S. Drone Strikes Are Illegal and More Sinister Than Most Americans Realize

New reports reveal horrifying truths about U.S. drone strikes in Pakistan and Yemen.


Ted Cruz is Going Overboard

Senator Ted Cruz (R-Texas) championed the GOP fight against funding Obamacare, but in the wake of the government shutdown, his popularity has sunk an alarming 16 points nationally.

NSA Dragnet Program May Get the Ax, But Your Privacy is Still At Stake

Four senators have proposed a bill that would eliminate the NSA's dragnet surveillance of Americans' phone records. Even if such a bill were to pass, it would not be enough to protect privacy.

This Student's Constitutional Rights Were Violated On the Day Intended to Celebrate Them

Modesto Junior College violated the constitutional rights of student Robert Van Tuinen on Constitution Day by preventing him from handing out free copies of the U.S. Constitution.

Twitter Stock: Why the Twitter IPO Will Succeed Where Facebook Failed

Twitter's IPO will succeed where Facebook's failed because of Twitter's great potential in TV and mobile advertising.

This New NSA Leak Could Spell the End For Privacy On the Internet

A newly revealed NSA decryption program creates grave dangers in the form of security vulnerabilities that hackers can exploit and a diminished expectation of online privacy.

Facebook is Willingly in Bed With the NSA

Facebook's revelation of information concerning compliance with government requests for user data should not convince users that the social networking giant will protect privacy.