Alex Baudoin
Alex Baudoin

4 Reasons Football, Not Baseball, is the New American Pastime

As the first ten days of the MLB season comes to an end, here are four reason why football, not baseball, is America's new favorite pastime.

Mitt Romney Dressage Horse and 6 Other Famous Political Pets

Ann Romney's horse, Rafalca, which qualified for the 2012 Olympics, is the most recent example of several interesting stories involving political figures and their pets.

Lebron James and Derrick Rose Would Never Defeat Michael Jordan and the Dream Team

Would today's NBA superstars beat the 1992 Dream Team that dominated the Olympics in Barcelona?

LeBron James is the NBA MVP, But He is 1 of 5 Reasons Why America Hates the Miami Heat

Okay so they won. Here are the five reasons why America still hates the stars of South Beach's favorite basketball team.

Bloomberg Big Soda Ban is Not the Solution to Obesity in New York

Although many overweight New York City citizens may benefit from such a plan, it is completely unreasonable and unfair for Bloomberg to dictate what foods and drinks they are allowed to consume.

National Vegetarian Week Doesn't Address the Problems of a Meat-Free Diet

While National Vegetarian Week promotes a meat-free way of life, it fails to recognize some of the issues that come from such an unbalanced lifestyle.

How One Cole Hamels Pitch Made Bryce Harper the Next Baseball Great

Bryce Harper's unlimited potential and determination on the baseball field will lead to his emergence as a member of the MLB's elite.

Kentucky Wildcats Win NCAA championship, time to end the "one-and-done" era in college basketball

By requiring players to be one year removed from high school before entering the draft, the NBA has created a situation that only harms both the players and the league itself.