Irina Bernebring Journiette
Irina Bernebring Journiette

Facedeals Facebook Program Can Get You Good Deals, But at a Steep Price

"Check in with your face." The new app Facedeals can keep track of you at all times to provide you with the "best" deals. Are you willing to give up your privacy for a good discount?

UK Communications Data Bill Would Destroy Internet Freedom and Lead Us On the Road to Totalitarianism

Internet privacy issues are debated in London’s Parliament as the British government review the Communications Data Bill Draft. They want to monitor whom you are talking to, when and where.

5 Facebook Posts That Will Get You Fired From Your Job

From complaining about boredom to calling your boss a 'complete tool,' here are five Facebook no-no's that can land you in the ranks of the unemployed.

British government announces plans to monitor emails and website visits

New British legislation allowing the government to monitor emails and website visits has sparked a fierce debate on the balance between online privacy and public safety.

Indiana Boy Expelled For Dropping F-Bomb on Twitter Sparks Free Speech Debate

An Indiana boy was expelled from school for Tweeting with expletives. This is a dangerous erosion of free speech.