Andrew Collins
Andrew Collins

'The Walking Dead' Finale Review: What a Show About Zombies Understands About The Human Heart

If we are to make any sense of "The Walking Dead," the first step is to realize it's not about the zombies.

Digital Books: The Decline Of Print Books Matters

Aside from nostalgia and sentimentality, there's the distraction factor.

Sequestration 2013: White House Tours Canceled Due to Cuts

Citing "staffing reductions from sequestration," the White House said that starting Saturday, all tours of the executive mansion have been canceled.

Chuck Hagel is the Next Evolution Of U.S. Military Policy

Chuck Hagel as secretary of defense brings a new world view into the Obama administration, and a new line of thinking that "questions everything."

Will Obama's $500 Million Gun Control Plan Save a Single American Life?

Is gun control worth the price? The true test of Obama's gun reform policy will be to determine if the cost actually produces results — in this case saving lives.

'Zero Dark Thirty' Movie Review: Torture Scenes Aren't Too Extreme

Director Kathryn Bigelow has no need to change the torture scenes in her latest film, 'Zero Dark Thirty.' People need to keep this movie in the proper perspective.

Walking Dead Midseason Finale Recap: Top 5 Plot Twists

With new plot elements and little resolution, The Walking Dead Season 3 Midseason Finale leaves us wishing it was February already.

Walking Dead Season 3: 5 Things to Expect From the Sunday Night Winter Finale

Having returned for its third season, 'The Walking Dead' has dominated the cable TV scene. What have we learned so far? And what should we expect from the midseason premiere this Sunday?

Romney is Rising Not Only in Latest Presidential Polls But Also in Social Media

Barack Obama enjoys an edge in the youth vote by being perceived as "cooler." He used social media masterfully in 2008, but seems to lack the same edge thus far.

Obama vs Romney: 'You Didn't Build That' Remarks Are Unfortunate, And So Is the GOP Response

We need to look at Obama's statements at Roanoke, Virginia, last week with a little more nuance, because what he said, and what conservatives are saying about what he said, lacks it.

Why Obama is Dominating Mitt Romney On Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest

Obama's presence online gives him yet another edge over Romney when it comes to winning youth voters.

Dark Knight Rises: 5 Batman Predictions

What should we expect of the most anticipated film this summer? Here are five big questions for the Dark Knight Rises—and how I think they’ll be answered.

What Does Memorial Day Mean? More Than Anything, Freedom

I've gradated from college, and now I feel an overwhelming sense of freedom. That's the beauty of America.

Mitt Romney Woos Millennials From Obama With Crossroads Generation Super PAC

Obama captured the youth vote in 2008 with a movement. Now, Karl Rove and the GOP are hoping to do the same, but it won't be easy.