Nick Craddock
Nick Craddock

Didier Deschamps is Perfect Coach to Reign in French Soccer Team

Didier Deschamps was named manager of France's soccer team this weekend, and he is the only man capable of restoring the team's image and success.

Euro 2012 Final Results: Spain vs Italy Preview, Prediction and How Fabregas and Balotelli Will Clash

Spain and Italy will face off in the Euro 2012 final this Sunday on an epic clash of titans which includes Fabregas and Casillas (Spain) and "super Mario brothers" Balotelli and Buffon (Italy).

Euro 2012 Results: Spain Will Beat Cristiano Ronaldo and Portugal to Face Germany in the Finals

Germany will easily crush the Italians on Thursday.

Times Picayune Cuts Will Wrongly Hasten the Death of Newspapers and Good Journalism

The New Orleans Times-Picayune is doing a disservice to the journalism community and New Orleans by cutting its publication schedule to three times a week.

Even Warren Buffett Can't Save the Dying Newspaper Industry

Warren Buffett's company, Berkshire Hathaway, purchased 63 papers, but the transaction won't save newspapers from experiencing financial blight because the journalism business model is flawed.

Kentucky Basketball Coach John Calipari Wrongly Foresees the End the NCAA

Calipari's desire to end the NCAA's reign over collegiate sport would not serve college athletics well at this point in time.

Yale Law School Profs Advocate Paying Students Back For Poorly Paying Careers Post-Graduation

The proposal created by two Yale Law School professors, whereby a portion of a law student's debt is forgiven if the student realizes a successful career is not feasible, is a poor plan.

Are Ethics in Journalism Being Overlooked?

The recent re-hiring of disgraced journalist Joe Halderman shows that unethical behavior in the industry is not being severely punished.

Kentucky Basketball Helps Put Into Focus the Failings of New Media

Kentucky basketball coach John Calipari recently highlighted the demise of print newspapers. Though his remarks may be right, the news media that will fill print's void aren't ideal.

The Cloudy Future Of The Fourth Estate

The recent closing of Colorado's journalism school highlights the uncertain future of an industry coming to terms with technology.