George Shunick
George Shunick

'Game Of Thrones' Season 3: 9 Things That Need to Happen

Season three of "Game of Thrones" is almost here. Here are some things that need to happen on the show.


Keystone XL Pipeline Would Be a Disaster For the Obama Administration

Will Obama choose to create jobs in the short run or minimize damage to the environment in the long run? The president finds himself in a pickle.

Sandy Hook Truthers: How Conspiracy Theorists Perceive the World

Belief in conspiracies reinforces ones own political narrative and offers a sense of self-importance in possessing a “knowledge” that others refuse to accept. Sandy Hook is the latest example.

Romney Gifts Comment: Romney Quote Proves Republicans Are Out of Touch With America

Mitt Romney's claim that "gifts" were the reason Obama won the presidency illustrates how disconnected Republicans are from the electorate and from reality.

Presidential Debate Recap: This One Sucked, as Obama Beats Romney, But Fails To Impress

This debate was unfocused, poorly moderated, and abdicated serious issues in favor of catering to the narratives of the major parties.

Final Presidential Debate 2012: Obama Wins, Romney Falters, Debate Sucks

The final battle to decide the presidency begins tonight, with the debate focusing on foreign policy. Stay here for all the updates.


Obama Wins Second Presidential Debate, Binders Full of Women Quote Goes Viral

Though it was competitive throughout, President Obama was able to pull away from Mitt Romney due to his refocused attack, and Romney's failure to capitalize on his mistakes.

Debate Results: Obama Pulls Away Late, Wins Second Presidential Debate

Instant debate analysis. Insightful observations. Bold proclamations. Combat sports metaphors. Descriptions which are emphatically punctuated.

Who Won VP Debate 2012: Joe Biden Crushes Paul Ryan to Bits

Live, funny, insightful updates from the vice presidential debate between Paul Ryan and Joe Biden. Mostly just live.

Who Won the VP Debate: Joe Biden Thoroughly Crushes Paul Ryan, Martha Raddatz Impresses

Joe Biden flustered Paul Ryan at every turn, punishing him throughout the debate and never allowing Ryan to gain momentum. Martha Raddatz excelled as the moderator.

Presidential Debate Winner and Loser: Romney Tells More Lies, But Obama Fails to Connect With Voters

Follow along live for the latest updates on the presidential debate from the perspective of a slightly unhinged political pessimist.


Morsi UN Speech: Egypt President Calls for Ban on Anti Islam Speech, Just Censorship in Disguise

Egypt and other Islamic nations' calls to ban anti-Islamic speech on the basis of intolerance will only serve to contribute to the very intolerance they seek to end.

Joseph Benavidez and Demetrious Johnson Seek to Become First Flyweight Champion at UFC 152

Vitor Belfort, Joe Benavidez and Demetrious Johnson clash for the newly created flyweight title, whil Michael Bisping and Brian Stann fight for the next middleweight title.

MMA Fighter Jarrod Wyatt Gruesomely Murders Partner Taylor Powell, But Calls to Ban the Sport Are Wrong

Following a terrible crime, some people have begun blaming combat sports for violent crimes and psychedelic drugs for psychosis, overlooking the fact that some people are simply insane.

Paul Ryan Lies, and Why Republican Voters Could Not Care Less

If last week's RNC proved anything, it’s that you don’t actually need to prove anything. That’s because political reality no longer needs to reflect… well, reality.

Robin van Persie Is a Pawn of Billionaire Soros: Why Manchester United Is the Start of a Global Liberal Invasion

George Soros has bought a share in Manchester United, implementing his insidious liberal brainwashing tactics in the world of sports.


Linda McMahon Wrestling Experience Does Not Make Her a Job Creator

She believes businesses should be allowed to do what they want, so long as it’s profitable and they can afford it, regardless of ethics.

Ron Paul Endorsement of Ted Cruz and Wes Riddle Proves He Is Just Another Politician

Ron Paul's recent endorsements indicate his support from the lunatic fringe is no accident but the product of a deliberate, ethically dubious politicl strategy.

UFC Silva vs Sonnen Fight Night Results: Sonnen Will Lose Again

Anderson Silva and Chael Sonnen meet at UFC 148 for the most anticipated rematch of the year. Who will walk away this time?

Manny Pacquiao Was Robbed of Victory: Timothy Bradley Win Proves Boxing is a Dying Sport

Manny Pacquiao dominated Timothy Bradley in Saturday's welterweight title fight. And then the unthinkable happened: he lost.