Victoria Kim
Victoria Kim

The Countries With the Highest Number of Female Executives Are Not the Ones You'd Expect

The U.S.? Not even in the top ten.


9 Incredible Photos of the London Underground as a Bomb Shelter

During World War II, thousands would sleep underground to escape Nazi air raids.

Gays in Lebanon Just Snagged a Major Victory

A win for LGBT rights in the entire region.

Swiss LSD Study Yields Incredible Results for Terminally Ill Patients

Switzerland's progressive drug policies win again.

This Amazing Twitter Typo Reverses Homophobic Texas Pol's Stance on Gay Marriage

Welcome to the right side of history, Senator Patrick!

Hipsters Getting Beard Transplants Are Officially Taking Things Too Far

Not everybody can be Bon Iver, you guys.

There Was a Major Victory for Transgender Student Rights in California

California's law to protect transgender teens is safe.

'Guardians of the Galaxy' Could Be the Biggest Risk Marvel Has Ever Taken

Watch the trailer, feel the power.

Love Electronic Music? According to Pandora, You're a Democrat

And all y'all country fans must be Republicans.

$100,000 Says That This is the Most Over-The-Top Valentine's Dinner Ever

Proof that the ridiculously wealthy will go bananas over pretty much anything.

7 Kickass Companies That Are Taking a Stand Against the NSA

From Imgur to Tumblr, February 11 is a day for action.

This Hilarious Norwegian Ad Rips Apart Russia's Ridiculous Anti-Gay Laws

Just wait until the last few seconds. Incredible.


Obama is Debating Killing an American Citizen With a Drone — Again

He's said to be weighing the fate of a suspected militant, who would become the 5th American killed by drone strike.

Poll Finds That Americans Like Raising the Minimum Wage More Than Capitalism

Or gay marriage, or marijuana legalization or...

These 5 Disgusting Ingredients Were Approved For Your Consumption by the FDA

Subway got caught for having zodicarbonamide in its bread, but that's just the tip of the iceberg.