Brett Ryan
Brett Ryan

Inspiration Mars Foundation: Dennis Tito is Looking For a Couple to Send to the Red Planet

A space touring millionaire is looking to send people to space, but it'll be no picnic. The first mission to Mars will be fraught with danger, some of which cannot be accurately accounted for.

Oreo Social Media Ads: The Future Of Advertising?

Oreo has had an astounding track record with social media advertisements. What's their secret and how are they so effective?

Social Media Effects: 4 Ways it Changes Who We Are

Social media has a significant impact on our lives and shapes our relationships, in these four ways particularly.

Facebook Losing Users: Is This the End Of the Social Network?

More and more millennials are taking a "break" from Facebook, and according to tech industry analysts, the site lost 1.4 million users in December. Can Facebook bounce back?