Caitlin Bancroft
Caitlin Bancroft

7 Moments From SOTU That Prove 2014 Will Be the Year For Progressives

It may not have been the sexiest speech, but that doesn't mean Obama didn't give progressives a lot to look forward to.


9 Reasons 2014 Will Be a Much Better Year For President Obama

This year was a terrible year for President Obama. Here are 9 reasons that 2014 will be much better.

Thanksgiving Day Shopping is Nothing to Be Thankful For

While most people are preparing for an epic food coma this Thanksgiving, activists are pushing for new conversations about corporate ethics and consumer culture.

See the Offensive License Plate That Got a School Bus Driver Suspended

The owner of this license plate works with dozens of kids every day.

Sarah Bray Was Barred From Seeing Her Partner in the Hospital, But She's Still Fighting For Her Rights

A woman in Indianapolis has been banned from the hospital room of her unconscious same-sex partner. Unfortunately, the law may not be able to help her.

Frozen McRib Looks As Gross As You'd Expect

Frozen McRibs look more like chunks of drywall than food, but hey, did you really expect anything different from the Golden Arches?

See NASA's Stunning Photo Of Saturn — With Earth in Sight

NASA has released an exquisite image of the Sun, the Earth, and Saturn. It's one of the most hauntingly beautiful photos ever taken.

Pentagon Releases Startling New Statistics On Military Sexual Assault

Between July 1, 2012 and June 30, 2013 American soldiers were 15 times more likely to be sexually assaulted by a comrade than killed by an enemy.

Power Bacon Deodorant: Genius or Vile?

When armpits start to smell like pork, the bacon infatuation has gone too far.

Vitter Amendment to ENDA Would Ban "Sex-selective" Abortions

Sen. David Vitter (R-La.) wants to add an amendment to the Employment Non-Discrimination Act that would criminalize "sex-selective" abortions, thus pitting women's rights against gay rights.

Researchers Just Revealed Exactly What You Thought About Racists and Their Guns

A recent study showed a link between racial bias and opposition to gun control. Absolutely no one is surprised.


This Chart Debunks Everything Republicans Want You to Believe About Obamacare

97% of Americans win under Obamacare, despite what the fear-mongering rhetoric of the GOP would have you believe.

NYC Stop-and-Frisk Policy: Ruling Blocked By Appeals Court

The 2nd Circuit Court of Appeals has blocked the ruling on NYPD's unpopular stop-and-frisk policy and removed the lower court judge from the case.

Kendrick Johnson Murder Case Becomes Federal Investigation

Federal prosecutors have opened an official investigation into the bizarre death of Kendrick Johnson. The 17-year-old's body was found in a rolled up gym mat in January of this year.

Why Almost 1 Million Veterans Will Lose Food Aid

Cuts to the federal food stamp program, SNAP, will affect 900,000 veterans and their families.

Tea Party Lawmaker Says He'd Bring Back Slavery

Republican Assemblyman Jim Wheeler is dealing with the massive fallout from his statement that he would vote for slavery if his constituents asked him to.

How This Gay Couple Defied State Law and Got Legally Married in Oklahoma

In Oklahoma, two men are planning a wedding that was made possible by the Cheyenne and Arapaho tribes.

Pope Francis Issues Strong Warning Against the Christian Right

Pope Francis may anger extreme conservative Christians with his new statements calling "Christian ideology" a sickness in the Catholic Church

Paul LePage Knows Nothing About the 47%

Governor Paul LePage of Maine is yet another Republican claiming that Americans are entitled and lazy.

Deadly Spider Invasion Shuts Down English School

An infestation of deadly false widow spiders has closed the United Kingdom's Dean Academy.