Reem Nasr
Reem Nasr

What It Means to Be a Muslim Woman in Today's America

Each Muslim-American experience is unique. A new online exhibition has begun the journey to the discovery of all of their stories.


Boston Marathon Bombings: Media Failed Us With Many False Reports

After the Boston Marathon tragedy, the media gave us false information, in turn perpetuating stereotypes and prejudice against the Muslim American community.

Pope Replacement: 5 Ways the New Pope Can Bridge the Muslim and Catholic Worlds

The new pope will need to pick up where Pope Benedict XVI left off, trying to bring the Vatican and Muslim world closer to one another.

Wedding Industry: Are Today's Weddings Nothing More Than Big Business?

Can you name a bridal consultant at Kleinfeld before someone in public office? Considering our culture's obsession with over-the-top, pricey televised weddings, it's unlikely.

5 Best Solutions to Ensuring Peace in the Middle East

In order to fix to reach peace in the Middle East, we need to know it, respect it, and understand it.

Israel Election Won't Bring Any Change On Settlements in the West Bank

Netanyahu will serve for a third term as Israeli Prime Minister but has refused to budge on his settlement policies. Will the peace process move forward in the next four years?


Chuck Hagel Secretary Of Defense: Confirmation Fight Will Be About Vision

Looking back on his service in war and in Congress, a strong case (and easy) case can be made for the nomination of Chuck Hagel as secretary of defense.

Turkish Kurdish Peace Talks Should Not Be Derailed By Murder of Activists in Paris

The murder of Sakine Cansiz, Fidan Dogan and Leyla Soylemez, three Kurdish activists in Paris, could derail new peace talks between the Turkish government and the PKK. But it shouldn't.

Hillary Clinton 2016: Get Ready to Hear That 1,000 Times Over the Next 4 Years

The speculation rises as Hillary Clinton retires from her post as secretary of state and recovers from a blood clot between her brain and skull.

Newtown Elementary School Shooting Should Be The Wake Up Call America Needs

It's time to have a real conversation about what we're up against. Is it the violence on television and video games, gun control, or mental health care?

10 Words From 2012 That I Hope I Never See Again

A lot of went down in 2012. A lot of it though I prefer not to talk about beyond New Year's.


Morsi Protests: Why Egypt Could Become Democracy or Even Return to Dictatorship

Morsi's power grab in Egypt brings us back to whether the U.S. will favor democracy or stability in the Middle East.

Rasmussen Reports Poll: 68 Percent of Americans Call Global Warming a Serious Threat

Superstorm Sandy has reawakened the debate on climate change and what role government will play in fighting it.

New Jersey 2012 Election Results LIVE: How Will Hurricane Sandy Aftermath Affect Election

Follow along live for the latest presidential election results from the state of New Jersey.

New Jersey Election Results: Bob Menendez Easily Defeats Joe Kyrillos

After a brief period of what looked like New Jersey could go red, the president took back the historically blue state with 58.8% of the vote. Romney managed 41.9%.

Arab American Vote: Muslims and Arabs Lean Toward Obama, But Show Less Enthusiasm Than 2008

A look inside how Arab American and Muslim voters will cast their ballot on Election Day.


Hurricane Sandy Destruction: Obama Could Have Done A Lot More For New Jersey, But He Did Not

Obama could have been there for us, not just with words but with actions that bring warmth to our homes and light to our weary faces.

UN General Assembly 2012: Why Nobody Cares About Syria

Why do Americans protest for the fall of of oppressive regimes in Egypt and Libya ... but not in Syria, where violence has raged for 17 months and counting.

Innocence of Muslims Actress Cindy Lee Garcia Sues Filmmaker and Blasts Google and YouTube

Garcia, who's received death threats, claims she thought the project was "a historical Arabian Desert adventure film.” The case is reminiscent of "The Third Jihad" NYPD scandal earlier this year.

Newsweek Muslim Rage Cover: Someone at Newsweek Needs to Get Fired For This

The “Muslims rage” exists only in the minds of those who want to label an entire people. Newsweek, shame on you.