Syra Sharif
Syra Sharif

New Global Slavery Index Finds 29.8 Million People Live in Modern Slavery

A new report released by the Walk Free Foundation has found that nearly 29.8 million people are living in slavery.

The 5 Must-Read Series From Today's Hottest Genre

The genre of dystopian fiction is everywhere you look, and causing many to wonder, "What if...?"

Scientists Have Discovered Exactly What Makes Something Go Viral

How does the brain predict what will become viral based on signals? UCLA psychologists have taken a step towards understanding what creates buzz on the internet.

Immigration Reform 2013: Whether Or Not a Bill Passes, Congress Gets Its Summer Vacay

Congress is faced with the task of reaching a decision on immigration reform, the goal being to make sure all loose ends are tied up before going on a summer break to avoid delays.

Facebook Hashtags: 3 Ways They Will Change Your Social Media Universe

From Tumblr, to Twitter, to Instagram, using a basic hashtag is something that is just part of the social media dynamic. It is no surprise then, that it is coming to Facebook.

America's Poor Need Attention, Not Government Handouts

Government handouts help a small group of people, but looking at various data points and surveys, there is a more which needs to be done to help lift people out of poverty.

25 Sports to Help You Get Active This Summer

With the warmer months upon us, more of us want to get outide when we can. Here are some sports which can be played outside (or inside) during summer to get active.

Google Glass Release Date: Device Judged Not Suitable for Children Under 13

Google Glass, to be released next year, has given special caution to children under 13 years as it could harm developing vision.

Boston Bombing & Texas Explosion: After a Week Of Chaos, Americans Cannot Give Up On Humanity

After this week's chaotic events, people are struggling to grasp reality. But humanity is still alive and well.

Cure For Cancer? New Drug Which Decimates Tumors Approved For Human Testing

Researchers at Stanford University School of Medicine have successfully performed a series of tests on mice using the antibody CD47 and have enough data to begin trials on humans.

Immigration Reform 2013: 5 Reasons to Support It

Immigration reform has a higher chance of passage than ever. Here are five reasons to support reform and what it will bring to the country.

4D Printers Would Enable Objects to Create Themselves

The concept of a 3D printer seems cool until you realize 4D printers may soon be a thing. Scientists are working to create 4D printing, which would change the way things are printed and made.

National Hugging Day: On January 21, Join in the Happiness

January 21 is National Hugging Day. While some may be hesitant to participate in PDAs, hugging has been shown to lead to better health and increased overall happiness.

What is Boxing Day? The Black Friday of Christmas

The post-Christmas holiday is on Dec. 26 in British Commonwealth countries and acts as a sort of "Black Friday" for the rest of the world.

232 Journalists Imprisoned in 2012, Making This the Worst Year Ever for Press Freedom

A new report by the CPJ found 2012 to be the worst year for journalists to be imprisoned on charges of terrorism and anti-state offenses.

Last Minute Gift Ideas: 10 Presents You Can Still Buy Before Christmas

With only five days left until Christmas, those that have waited until the last minute can still find gifts for everyone on their list.

Switzerland Rated the Best Place to Be Born in 2013, America Falls to 16th

The Economist Intelligence Unit released it yearly rankings of countries which offer the best in terms of quality of life and overall happiness for children born in 2013.

Black Friday 2012 Deals: The 10 Shopping Deals That Will Save You Big Bucks

For those who that plan to head out into the crowds on Black Friday hunting for bargains, here are the 10 categories of goods in which the majority of deals and sales can be found.

Cyber Monday Deals 2012: 10 of the Best Sites for Deals and Savings

For those that want to shop online on Cyber Monday, here are 10 of the most popular sites for online shopping including some bargain sites for the best deals.

Facebook (FB) Stock Woes: FB Losing Young Users As Instagram, Tumblr Become More Popular

Today, young people are moving away from Facebook and onto sites such as Twitter or Tumblr. and apps like Instagram to share online content with their network of friends.