Andrea Garcia-Vargas
Andrea Garcia-Vargas

A Group of Models Is Kick-starting a Revolution by Taking on Sexism in the Modeling Industry

There's a movement happening that goes way beyond Terry Richardson.


Sex Tips From Feminist Porn Stars Will Change the Way You Think About Intimacy

Because feminism and sex are not mutually exclusive.

The Redskins Say Their Name Is "Respectful" – Here's the Truth They Need to See

The Washington Redskins' team president said Saturday that the team's name is a sign of respect and reverence for Native Americans. A quick review of history shows quite the opposite.

Chase Bank Is Slut-Shaming Porn Stars, And It's Totally Legal

Because surely no one at Chase Bank is watching porn.

This Guy Thinks Male Rape Is "Sincerely Hilarious" — And He's Right

The only rape joke worth listening to.


Sorry, Porn Culture Isn't to Blame for Terry Richardson

Porn stars sound off on consent, porn and the adult industry.

#NotYourTonto Sparked an Internet Backlash for All the Right Reasons

Johnny Depp movie's Oscar nomination had Native American advocates crying "redface."

I'm a Woman, I Watch Porn and I Support the Duke University Porn Star.

Porn isn't inherently degrading. Also, I like watching it.

Why Audre Lorde Fans Can Love Beyoncé, Too

And we do!

What Ashley Benson Gets Wrong About Beauty

Photoshop isn't the real problem here.

Rashida Jones is Wrong About Thongs

Putting on some pants won't solve sexism.

Tom Daley Redefined "Coming Out" For Me

Am I a) straight b) bi c) lesbian? Tom Daley shows it's okay to answer d) none of the above.

I Was Shocked By a Black Man Wearing Naked White Women

But should I have been?

Live-Tweeting Your Relationship Won't Fix It

When couples fight, no one wins.

This Article Is About Rape and Triggers, So Does It Need a Trigger Warning?

Yes. Here's why.

OkCupid: The Future Of Interracial Dating Except For That Part About the Racism

Just that small little problem.

James Deen Makes Me Want to Have Sex On the Internet

The feminist-friendly, sex-positive porn star's recent call for "amateur porn dates" has me thinking I might just take one for the team.

Company Wants Women to Buy These Anti-Rape Shorts

Rape is scary. So is this solution.

STD Testing: There's An App For That

Would you let the whole world know that you have the clap?