Maryla Krol
Maryla Krol

Al Qaeda-Linked ISIS Militants in Syria Decapitate Wrong Man

Syrian terrorists cut off the wrong man's head. Now they're asking for "understanding and forgiveness," before his buddies come to do the same to them.


Pope Francis Tells American Clergy to Tone Down Rhetoric On Abortion and Other Social Issues

On the eve of the election of next top U.S. bishop, papal envoy Carlo Maria Vigano asked bishops to tone down the ideology in an attempt to make the Church more welcoming.

Boy Allegedly Suspended From School For Carrying a Purse Like a Girl

In another over the top decision by school officials, a 13 year-old Kansas student was suspended on Wednesday after he refused to take off his Vera Bradley purse.

5 Theories Behind Google's Treasure Island Barge

The secrecy surrounding Google's barge in the San Francisco Bay has spawned dozens of theories as to what the giant structure is actually for. Some hold water, but others are less probable.

College Student's Halloween Costume Brought "Sexy" to a Whole New Level

One ASU student decided to boycott her Halloween costume this year and go completely naked.

Project Run Away: Heidi Klum's Costume is Terrifying

Project Runway host Heidi Klum unveiled her Halloween costume on Twitter last night before here annual Halloween bash. It does not disappoint.

UN Asteroid Defense Program Could Save the Planet

The UN has just created a working group it hopes will beef up humanity's current asteroid defense strategy. Currently, no U.S. government agency is actually designated to ward off space rocks.

Here's How Switzerland's Fed-Up Workers Are Rebelling Against Their Overpaid Bosses

After passing measures in March that placed limits on executive pay, notably by allowing shareholders to veto executive salaries, a new initiative could further curb lavish compensation.

This Amnesty International Report Says U.S. Might Have Conducted War Crimes in Pakistan

A groundbreaking new report published by leading human rights organizations says that it has uncovered evidence that US officials may have committed ware crimes in drone strikes.

Cops Said This Man's Halloween Decorations Were "Too Scary" to Leave Up

Local police have asked a British man raising money for cancer research to "tone down" his Halloween display after local parents complained their kids were terrified.