Lakshmi Sarah
Lakshmi Sarah

Jew in a Box Exhibit is Controversial, But Not Offensive

Being a "Jew in a Box" is just another way to create dialogue.

Tilda Swinton MoMA Sleeping: Toronto’s Queer "Bed-In" Might Prove More Artistic

Who needs to see Tilda Swinton sleeping in a museum when we can see Reena Katz's exhibit promoting sexual equality that re-imagines John Lennon and Yoko Ono’s iconic bed-ins?

Tilda Swinton MoMa: Sleeping Actress Exhibit is Not Art

It is a sad day for art when some random British actress can sleep in a museum for "art" and homeless people have to sleep outside.

Hollywood vs. Bollywood: An Interview With Filmmaker James Kicklighter

PolicyMic chats with film director James Kicklighter about Hollywood's influence on Bollywood and whether local films are being pushed out by global productions.

Mindy Kaling is a Role Model For Everyone, Not Just Women Of Color

We can't just call Mindy Kaling a role model for women, or a role model for Indian women. Mindy Kaling goes beyond gender and race to emerge as someone we can all look up to.

India Rape Victim's Death Prompts Vigils Across India, But This is Not Enough

Over a thousand people showed up for the vigil in Mumbai, but a thousand people are not enough to stop rape across the country. Much more needs to be done.

Prague Street Art Exhibit Puts a Modern Spin on What's Museum Worthy

Prague is a city steeped in art history and now, for the first time, Prague's art scene is paying homage to street artists. The exhibition "Stuck on the City" asks whether this is right.

Election 2012 Results: Obama Reelection Will Help Minorities in the US and Around the World

What does President Obama's re-election mean for people of color, minorities and immigrant populations around the world?

Hawaii Election Results: First Hindu Congresswoman and 3 Ways Women Made History at the 2012 Election

Too busy watching the main election stage of Obama versus Romney and don't know what missed? What you missed, was women making political history.

Voter Intimidation and Suppression Reported in California, Virginia, and Colorado

Epic lines, voter intimidation, and other tactics may play a role in deciding this year's election between Barack Obama and Mitt Romney.

Angel Haze is a Mix Between Eminem, Lauryn Hill and Erykah Badu

Angel Haze has skills beyond Nicki Minaj. She's the real thing.


Who Won the Presidential Debate 2012: Twitter Wins Again

Barack Obama and Mitt Romney faced off in the final presidential debate. Turns out twitter was the most entertaining, yet again.

Solange Knowles Losing You Video Review: Beyonce Sister Reinvents Ghetto Chic

Solange Knowles is back from her 4-year break with a refreshing music video filmed in Cape Town.

Ai Weiwei Exhibition 2012: Chinese Dissident Opens First US Show in Washington DC

Ai Weiwei cannot be at his first U.S. show (Chinese authorities have his passport), but you should go; even if only to see the art which caused the Chinese government to bulldoze his studio.

Randy Newman I'm Dreaming Political Satire: New Song From Perspective of a Racist Voter

Randy Newman's (Grammy winner for 'Toy Story 3') newest song, a political satire called "I'm Dreaming" (of a White President), adds nothing to the debate on race in America.

Michelle Obama Mom in Chief Controversy Highlights American Fears of Strong Black Women

Perhaps the double standard that black women are held to is slowly being altered with Michelle Obama as “Mommy-in-chief,” or maybe I would just like it to be.


Kamala Harris DNC: Top 5 Reasons the California Attorney General is a Star

I'll give you a hint - it's not just because she's from California.

India Barbie Dolls Send Girls Wrong Message About Race and Body Image

As's Margarita Diaz says, “What better way to broaden a little girl’s horizons than to dress up her doll in a stereotyped, hyper-sexualized version of a cultural costume?”

Police Lead Crackdown on Banksy Art and Street Graffiti Ahead of London Olympics 2012

Notable street artist Banksy risks having his art washed away by London authorities on a crackdown against graffiti and street art.

Egypt Presidential Election 2012: Worst and Best Case Scenarios For the U.S.

Choosing between two candidates that fail to offer hopeful visions of the future.