Julie Strupp
Julie Strupp

Could the Dakota Access Pipeline leak? Expert says government has underestimated the risk

In a report released on Thursday, a safety firm says the pipeline research is "seriously deficient."

Trayvon Martin Protests in D.C. Are a Call For Political Action

"And he's only six," said one of the mothers protesting the verdict of the George Zimmerman trial in Washington D.C.

John Paulk: "Pray the Gay Away" Poster Child Announces He is Still Gay, Truly Sorry

John Paulk, former spokesman for the Evangelical Christian "ex-gay" movement, has officially announced he is still gay and is ‘truly, truly’ sorry for the harm he caused.

Arizona Transgender Bathroom Bill: Let Us Pee Without Showing ID

No one should have to "show their papers" to use the restroom, but a new Arizona bill discriminates against transgenders, as it would penalize them for entering the "wrong" restroom.

Why Blaming Rihanna For Staying With Chris Brown is So Wrong

Calling Rihanna “stupid” for staying with Chris Brown alleviates us from having to examine our own role in combating — or perpetuating — a culture where violence against women runs rampant.

Liz and Dick Review: Lindsay Lohan is The Perfect Actress to Play Elizabeth Taylor

Despite the destructive aspects, I hope the similarities between the two actresses continue. Like Liz, I hope Lindsay matures as an actress after her few bad films.


Obama Humans Rights Violations: We Must Demand Accountability in the Encore Term

Obama's civil and human rights record has been dubious at best, but his supporters have done little to challenge him. Here's why we must force our leaders to become more principled.

CainTV: Herman Cain Launches Quirky New Show to Stick It to the Liberal Media

Ill-fated GOP presidential hopeful Herman Cain just launched his own online news network over the July 4 holiday, featuring his 9-9-9 plan and other weird conspiracy theories.

Lindsay Lohan and Kanye West Straddle Line Between Violent Porn and Risque Entertainment

Glamorized and eroticized images of dead and battered women are everywhere in fashion, music, and advertising. Not only are they no longer provocative, they're harmful and simply lazy.

Christina Aguilera and Sesame Street as Torture: Teeny Bop Made Guantanamo Prisoners Crack

Music has powerful effects on us. While the use of music may not rise to the severity of waterboarding, the mental anguish detainees suffer must be considered torture.

Scott Walker Recall Election Could be Preview to Obama Election 2012 Fight

Former president Bill Clinton and GOP darling Nikki Haley are jumping into Wisconsin's fight for governor. Effects of the recalls are resonating throughout the U.S., but the state needs to heal.


Anonymous Hacktivists Attack Government Just For the Thrill of It, Not For Any Good Reason

On Monday, Anonymous posted 1.7 gigabytes of data from the Bureau of Justice Statistics site. But does the group really care about the lofty ideals it espouses, or do they just like chaos?

Alabama Immigration Law Approved with Tweaks to Make it Even Harsher

Alabama lawmakers passed a bill Wednesday revising the state’s controversial immigration law, known as the toughest in the nation. Critics say the changes make the law even harsher.

Jay-Z Gives Obama Massive Street Cred on Gay Marriage in Election 2012

Jay-Z spoke out in support of Obama's stance on gay marriage, saying that withholding the right is "holding the country back." This is why he's such an important ally.

Alabama Illegal Immigrant Crackdown Destroys Farm Business

Our agriculture industry is built on illegal labor, and crackdowns on undocumented workers have only led to rotting crops and lost revenue. We need to change the way we deal with migrant workers.

CISPA and SOPA: What Older Generations Just Don't Get About the Internet

Bills like CISPA and SOPA are threatening our free speech and privacy rights online. But are we ignoring vital allies: the elderly?


Wisconsin Recall Election: Scott Walker vs. Tom Barrett Showdown Looming

Governor Scott Walker and Milwaukee mayor Tom Barrett were the big winners Tuesday in Wisconsin's primary recall election, but both need to focus on maintaining their momentum until June 5.