Jillian McLaughlin
Jillian McLaughlin

Gay Marriage in Hawaii: Why I'm Not Celebrating — Yet

Congratulations, you are the 15th state to legalize gay marriage! Now move on.


Boston Marathon Manhunt: Searching For Solace Amidst It All

I live just blocks from where the Tsarnaevs did, and I'm trying to find solace while surrounded by guns, sirens, and bombs.

I Dreamt Of the Boston Marathon Since I Was 7, But Today It Became a Nightmare

Boston is my adopted city. Today was a day of hope and confusion and text messages and voice mails and harried updates and love and anger. We are Boston.

March Madness 2013: Should College Basketball Stars Play For Free?

The NCAA receives revenue from using players' likenesses in video games. Players never see a cent. Is this fair? Well, the players get a world-class education while playing the sport they love.

5 Immigrants Who Became World Leaders

As politicians debate immigration reform in the U.S., PolicyMic looks at five immigrants who have shaped politics in their adopted countries.

Holiday Volunteer Opportunities: 10 Ways to Give Back This Holiday Season

Tis the season to give back. Instead of presents, consider volunteering or donating to a worthy cause. Check out these 10 innovate ways to make someone else's tidings glad.


Glenn Beck and the 9 Most Influential Conservatives Never Elected to Public Office

The nine unelected conservatives that have shaped the Republican Party span neoconservative foreign policy hawks to religiously motivated pastors.

Massachusetts 2012 Election Results LIVE: Exit Polls Show Elizabeth Warren and Scott Brown Race is Close

Follow along for the latest updates on the Senate race, the presidential election, and ballot initiatives from the state of Massachusetts.

Elizabeth Warren Wins Massachusetts Senate Race, But Democrats Face Serious Challenges

Massachusetts goes deep blue on Tuesday, unseating Scott Brown and sending another Kennedy to Washington.

How Tea Party and Occupy Wall Street Have Influenced Election 2012

Despite their low-profile during this election cycle, Occupy Wall Street and the Tea Party have profoundly influenced the presidential campaigns.

NYC Marathon 2012: 5K Runners Still Run the Race, After Being Unfairly Demonized in Aftermath of Hurricane Sandy

The media and other New Yorkers needlessly demonized marathoners in the wake of Hurricane Sandy. But this morning, the marathoners proved that they could still inspire.


Who Won the Debate Last Night: Obama Wins, While Romney Discusses His Binder Full of Women

Obama shows that Romney's strong showing in the first debate was a fluke.

Presidential Debate Winner: Why it Was Obama

The second presidential debate could swing the race for the presidency. As Obama struggles to be more aggressive, Romney hopes to leverage his momentum for the win.

Who Won the Debate Last Night: Both Obama and Romney Bore Me to Tears

Following along live as President Obama and Mitt Romney face off for the first debate.

Who Won the Presidential Debate Last Night: Both Obama and Romney Lost My Interest

Both candidates utterly failed in presenting a compelling message to the American people during the first presidential debate on Wednesday in Denver, Colorado.

Obamas Interview on The View: Just Like That, Obama is Likely Winning Over the Female Vote

The political views of the women on "The View" reveal why Obama is winning among female voters.


Forall Instagram Obama: How Jessica Alba Transcends Identity Politics for Millennials

By using celebrities to reach young voters, Obama actually achieves what his Democratic predecessors could not: the beginning of post-identity politics.

Beyonce and Jay Z Obama Fundraiser: An Uber Wealthy Event That Does Not Feel Uber Wealthy

Obama's celebrity fundraisers appeal to the celebrity-obsessed tween in all of us, and unlike the Republican fundraisers they make room for the less than uber-wealthy.

Obama vs Romney: Republicans Blame President for High Poverty Rate They Helped Create

Mitt Romney reaches the right conclusion about poverty in America, but for the wrong reasons.

Jay Z, Beyonce, and Top 10 Other Celebrities Who Love Barack Obama

As the election draws closer, the stars roll out the red carpet to endorse President Barack Obama.