John Ford
John Ford

PS4 vs. Xbox 1 — Which Should You Buy This Holiday Season?

Here is what we know so far about the holiday season's hottest new gadgets.


'Call of Duty: Ghosts' vs. 'Battlefield 4' — Who Will Win the Sales War?

Slipping review scores and a new console cycle with new competition may be spelling the beginning of the end for Call of Duty and Battlefield's perennial sales war.

Obamacare Problems Could Be Fixed, If Obama Played 'Grand Theft Auto V'

'Grand Theft Auto V' and Obamacare have both had rocky rollouts, but only one of the two has started to make up for its customer service problems.

Gun Control Debate: Polls Show Americans Have Made Up Their Minds About Video Games

Recent polling shows that the majority of Americans, across party lines, don't believe the hype about video games and violence. So much for using that in the gun control debate.

Twitter IPO Price Doesn't Matter For This One Founder Of the Company

The founders and owners of Twitter stand to make a fortune from their company's IPO, except for the ousted Noah Glass. This is his story.
News Glitches Have Nothing to do With Government Incompetence

The launch of the "Obamacare" health care exchange site,, has been rough. But, as any gamer knows, they're hardly unusual.


One Chart That Tells You Who You're Really Supporting When You Watch Your Favorite Football Team

It turns out everything in this country is political, even its harmless escapism.

Comet ISON: Will the Government Shutdown Ruin NASA's Big Chance?

The government shutdown is extremely ill-timed for NASA, coinciding with a very important opportunity to study what could be the comet of the century: ISON.

5 Real Life Lessons from Grand Theft Auto Five

This mega-hit crime sim earned $800 million in revenue its first day. While many know it for its violence or vice, it actually has some things to teach us.

5 Corporations That Used a National Tragedy to Sell You Something

The twelfth anniversary of the September 11 attacks prompted us to reflect on many things. One of those things was that marketers should keep their mouths shut about national tragedies.

Apple iWatch: You're Laughing Now, But Soon You'll Be Wearing One

The tech world is buzzing over rumors of an Apple "iWatch" coming sometime in the next year or two. Watches may seem like a tough sell, but Apple has done it before.


Labor Day 2013: What 42% Of Americans Will Be Doing This Weekend

Many Americans can't seem to switch off. What do your vacation habits mean for your productivity and career?

5 Next Generation Video Games That Will Change the Way We Play

Some of the best innovations in the next generation of video games won't be from the consoles themselves, but from the new games that come with them.

Xbox One Or Playstation 4? Brand Loyalty Won't Save Microsoft's New Xbox

The Xbox One has one advantage going into the new generation of console video games: good use of switching costs and building brand loyalty. But will it be enough to save a badly managed launch?

4 Shocking Things From the Secret Service File On Aaron Swartz

A number of Aaron Swartz's investigation files were released to public record recently, and I read 104 pages of federal documents so you wouldn't have to. Read the most interesting parts here.

7 Awesome Xbox Live Games to Play Before the Xbox One Release

These seven games from the Xbox Arcade are must-haves in your digital library. If you missed them, make sure to catch up before the next generation!

Playstation 4 and Xbox One Will Finish Off Struggling Wii U

Nintendo is struggling in the console market, and has very little third-party support. How should it cope in an industry in transition?

33% Of Native-Born Americans Would Fail the Citizenship Test

Half of Americans scored 60% or lower on the USCIS naturalization test. If you were an immigrant, would you know enough about this country to become a citizen?

Ouya Review: Meet the Little Video Game Console With (Unrealistic) Geopolitical Aspirations

Ouya came out of the gate recently with a lot of indie hype and high expectations. It fell flat, and for good reason.

6 Quirky Pieces Of Supreme Court Trivia to Impress Your (Nerdy) Friends

The Supreme Court is big news this week. How many of these trivia gems do you know?