Matthew Clair
Matthew Clair

How I Respond to the Conservatives Who Tell Black People to "Stop Crying Over White Racism"

The idea that black leaders are only concerned with crying "racism!" is a conservative myth that ignores the structural realities of the work they're doing for the black community.

Life Without Regret: On Saying Goodbye to the Mythic City of New York

Opportunities pass us up in life, especially in a mythic city like New York. The key is to accept these losses, learn from them and never surrender to a life half-lived.

Glee’s “The Spanish Teacher” Shows Why Ethnic Studies Matters

The purpose of ethnic studies is not to reveal white oppression, but rather to reveal the contributions, histories, worldviews, and moral and political worth of people of color.

Mitt Romney’s 'Not Concerned About the Very Poor' Gaffe Shows He's Not a True Conservative

Romney is distancing himself from his "very poor" remarks because they reveal that he is a moderate candidate out-of-touch with the Republican mainstream.

Newt Gingrich is Wrong: Child Labor is Not An Education Policy

New Gingrich's views on education are outdated. The point of education is not to prepare students for narrow, class-based vocational opportunities.

Better Literacy Will Close the Achievement Gap

To close the achievement gap, we must focus on literacy. We can improve literacy skills by creatively grouping, integrating across the curriculum, and communicating with students.

Why "The Help" Hasn't Helped

"The Help" has done little to alter the way in which we tell stories about race in America.

Debt Ceiling Talks Were All Political Theatre

The debt crisis was a circus that distracted from more important issues.

Black Men Live Longer Behind Bars

Hundreds of years after the abolition of slavery, recent data proves that the invisible shackles of race still exist.

Gov't Shouldn't Cut Art to Save Budgets

In budget cuts, arts programs are often the first to go, even though art education provides socio-economic well-being.

Companies Cash in on Your Online Reputation

Websites which keep track of a user's social networking "influence" are hardly about proliferating the author's views and more about corporatizing him or her.


Obama Impersonator Yanked Off Stage by GOP

As the presidential election heats up, the GOP seems to only have one strategy: bash Obama. But this plan is already backfiring on Republicans.

The Political Celebrity

We live in a time where politicians' personal lives are in the public eye, and our generation must decide how we separate personal failings from political ones.

Anti-White Bias vs. Anti-Black Bias: The New Issue of Racism

A recent study shows that whites believe that racism is a “zero-sum game they are now losing.” Still, anti-white bias should not be seen as a bigger issue than anti-black racism.

Debating Obama's 2012 Run: Bin Laden's Killing Shows Leadership

Osama bin Laden's death will be an important factor favoring Obama's re-election. The details of the president as the mastermind of the bin Laden mission provide a narrative of a strong leader.

Our Racial America Isn't Ready for Obama's More Perfect Union

The election of America's first black president could have been the start of a post-racial, but three years after President Obama's historic victory, racial tension is worse than before.


Farming Inner-City Community Action

In addition to providing lower-income city residents with access to healthy food options, urban farming provides a model for collective community action in the black community.

The Elephant in PETA's Room

PETA's response to CEO Bob Parsons' shooting of an elephant to protect crops in a Zimbabwean village shows how the group puts animal rights above human rights.