Pierce Stanley
Pierce Stanley

Remember That Epic Court Ruling That Killed Net Neutrality? Well, Almost Everyone Got it Wrong

There's more to it than you've been told.

Obama Wants to Wiretap Your Facebook Feed — Seriously, You Can't Make This Up

The AP and IRS scandals are chump change to this. Obama wants to back a plan that makes online wiretaps as easy as they are in China. Welcome to Obama's America.

Immigration Reform 2013: Mark Zuckerberg Lobbies For Change

Silicon Valley’s youngest innovators are finally dipping their toes in D.C. politics.

China Cyber Attacks: A Reminder to Strengthen U.S. Cyber Defense

With several large media outlets being hit by cyber attacks, the U.S. needs to take stronger security precautions and maybe work with those who have been hacked to take preventative measures.

Obama vs Romney: 3 Reasons President Obama is the Best for Tech

The Obama administration’s thoughtful and forward-looking positions on Internet policy make it the best choice on tech issues and the success of Silicon Valley.

Romney Will Dominate Washington DC Primary, Santorum Not Even a Factor

While DC is on most days the hub of national politics, the nation’s capital is decidedly low-key on primary voting day.

Was 2011 the Best Year Ever For Facebook?

2011 proved to be a pivotal year in Facebook's young history. What's next for the social media giant?

The GOP Attacks Net Neutrality

Net neutrality survived a GOP attack last week, as the Senate rejected a proposal to overturn FCC rules that prevent internet service providers from discriminating in favor of content partners.

New Google Updates Don't Mean Much For Average User

Google rolled out a fleet of changes to its products this week, but the tech giant missed a crucial element in its batch release – its clients.

Why the FCC's $4.5 Billion Rural Broadband Plan is Good For America

The FCC has just released a comprehensive plan to expand America's broadband infrastructure to rural areas, a plan that should be hailed by Democrats and Republicans.

The Future of the Urban Internet Environment

Urban internet tools will help create a platform for low-cost business innovations that yield quality public products.

Is Google+ a Worthwhile Social Network?

Google+ was built solely as a way for the company to get more information so it can continue to provide improvements its customers rely upon.

Ivory Coast Moves Closer to Civil War

While the country again teeters and moves closer to anarchy, the West has forgotten about the African nation.