Nicholas Demas
Nicholas Demas

How Bitcoin Works, in 5 Easy Steps

The Bitcoin craze is gaining momentum every day, but what do you really know about the digital currency?

Facebook (FB) Stock: What Its Third Quarter Earnings Mean For the Future Of Mobile Ads

If Facebook's third quarter earnings show the company's ad programs are bringing in revenue, you can expect Facebook to develop a more streamlined news feed experience.

How Improved U.S.-Iran Relations Could Rock the Middle East

The U.S. and Iran have much to gain from improved relations, but many Middle Eastern countries are viewing this renewed interaction with anxiety.

How This 92-Year Old Woman is Leading the Fight Against NC's Rigid Voter ID Laws

When Rosanell Eaton was 21, she had to take a literacy test to vote in North Carolina. Now she's fighting to prevent history from repeating itself.

The NSA Thinks It's Above the Law — and the Obama Administration Knew It

With Thursday's report of the NSA's "unintentional" collection of Americans' phone records, the president needs to act on his promise and his words.


ALEC Joined Yelp, and This is What Happened

Smack Down! ALEC got destroyed on Yelp. See the carnage.

Why Obama Won't Suspend U.S. Military Aid to Egypt

The administration is playing a delicate balancing act, but can't continue to fund a military in a region of instability.

Obama Egypt Speech LIVE Stream and Transcript: Obama Speaks On Crisis in Egypt

After one of the deadliest days in modern Egyptian history, President Obama will speak on the violence in Egypt.

Twitter Could Predict the Outcome Of the 2016 Election

Your tweets might be able to determine the winner of an election, and for a candidate, any tweet is a good tweet.

Egypt's Revolution Already Happened in the United States

The process toward a democratic Egypt has been violent and distressing. But so has been the course to democracy in many countries ... including America.


Anthony Weiner Trashes Media During BuzzFeed Brews Interview

Arrogant + Disrespectful = Anthony Weiner.

Sydney Leathers Gets Six-Figure Deal to Sext On IHookUp

Anthony Weiner's most recent sexting partner Sydney Leather is finding out that America is truly the land of opportunity.

Whitey Bulger Guilty Of Murder and Racketeering, Sentenced to Life in Prison

After decades, the famed organized crime figure was found guilty on multiple charges of murder and racketeering.

iPhone 5S Release Date: Likely September, But Don't Get Too Excited

Apple is set to release an updated and low-cost version of its' iPhone 5. The iPad is also expected to receive a major physical overhaul.

Obama Press Conference LIVE: Watch President Address Drones, Putin, Al-Qaeda

The President is holding a formal press conference to address government surveillance programs and the cancellation of his meeting with Russian President Putin.


Malaria Vaccine Breakthrough Paves the Way For Future Cure

Researchers have shown that they were successfully able to prevent a small group of volunteers from contracting malaria.

Why This Swimmer Feels the U.S. Must Participate in the 2014 Olympics

The U.S. has had a tremendous summer for gay rights. But what does it say if we back out of the Olympics and back down from the latest challenge for equal rights?

Note to Justin Bieber: You're Not As Cool As You Think You Are

Bieber thinks he is a mix of Rambo and Ryan Gosling: tuff and suave. Talk about false advertising.

French Farmers Protest EU By Destroying 100,000 Eggs a Day

5% of France's daily egg supply is being destroyed by farmers who are demanding that the government regulate egg production. It won't be effective.