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#IDidThat and #HimThough, responses to #MeToo, ask men to take accountability for sexual misconduct

These new hashtags aim to lift the burden of talking about rape culture from victims of sexual miconduct, asking men to hold themselves accountable for their behavior.

Gay men, please hold your “Well, actuallys” in the wake of #MeToo

"Queer cis men, before you see a chance to jump on a trending hashtag, take a second to think about who’s steering this narrative."

Woody Allen calls Weinstein allegations “very sad,” warns against “witch hunt atmosphere”

The director said the situation was "very sad for everyone involved" — including Weinstein.

The Weinstein ripple effect: Why other women are feeling empowered to come forward about abuse

“Seeing accounts of sexual harassment get taken seriously helps women to take their own experiences seriously."

Stop making every trans person in the media an activist. Some of us just want to exist.

Wanting to be affirmed or respected or successful doesn’t automatically make you an activist — it just makes you a person.
Oct. 13, 2017

ACLU: Undocumented teenager in Texas abortion case “wants to persevere”

A federal magistrate judge denied a temporary restraining order that would have allowed the teen, who is an unaccompanied minor, to terminate her pregnancy.

Help us track all the times pop culture made references to Weinstein’s alleged behavior

We're keeping a running list of all the times Harvey Weinstein's alleged behavior toward women was more open than secret.

Everyone knew Harvey Weinstein was an alleged predator — and that’s exactly why he thrived

Some celebrity responses to the Harvey Weinstein scandal are a telling sign of just how normal the producer's alleged behavior became.

The Harvey Weinstein allegations remind us that women are trained to feel guilty over sexual assault

Thanks to a cultural belief that women can prevent assault with the right steps, it's easy for them to blame themselves for every bit of harassment they experience.

New reports deepen the severity of allegations against disgraced Hollywood mogul Harvey Weinstein

Key takeaways from Tuesday's bombshell reports.
Oct. 8, 2017

After Harvey Weinstein allegations, psychologists explain why men protect abusive men

Why do so many men embrace a “bro code” of silence when their peers start acting creepy?

Harvey Weinstein’s behavior was an “open secret” because nobody listens to women

The “open secret” is a method of protection for women in a society that condones sexism and misogyny.

Ignoring women in sports is both sexist and bad for business

ESPNW's eight annual summit proves that women are the true power players in sports.

Saudi women gained the right to drive. Let’s not dismiss how historic that is.

Ignoring this momentous decision erases the efforts of women who worked so hard to get here.

Millennial women of color can’t “lean in” when they’ve been left behind by the economic recovery

A decade after the Great Recession, young women of color still face very different economic odds than white peers.
Sept. 22, 2017

30 essential wisdoms and secrets to success for women in their 30s — from women who have been there

Crucial advice on how to save enough money, turbocharge your career, find love and meaning, and avoid regret as a 30-something woman.

Casual sex vs. a serious relationship: What if you don’t want either?

Feminist dilemma: Young women today are settling down later than ever before, but that can make dating complicated.

5 ways female entrepreneurs can thrive in a man’s startup world

How to fight sexism in business and get ahead — without a fake male co-founder.

The US gender wage gap is narrowing, but women still face higher poverty rates

Here's how the male-female pay gap has changed over time in the United States, according to the latest 2017 census report on income and poverty.

Burning Man promises to disrupt the modern world. And yet the gender dynamics are all too familiar.

The Nevada arts festival can be incredible, innovative and enriching — but it can also peddle some of the worst gender and race dynamics.