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The Trump administration’s attempt to rewrite gender is not enough to erase trans existence

Trans people will exist regardless of what any government says.

The Amber Rose SlutWalk calls attention to voting ahead of midterm elections

Mic Dispatch correspondent Yoonj Kim attended the day-long festivities to find out why it was important for Rose to mobilize new voters this election season.

Tarana Burke says #MeToo has been misconstrued: “The hashtag wasn’t about taking anybody down”

“People have weaponized #MeToo as opposed to seeing it as a tool,” Tarana Burke, founder of the #MeToo movement, said.

Woman used son’s photo to promote #HimToo and people on Twitter turned it into a viral meme

Pieter Hanson said he doesn't agree with his mother's message.

Amber Rose on pressures of rape culture: “I said ‘no’ but I did it anyway because I felt obligated”

Ahead of the Amber Rose SlutWalk, the activist speaks candidly about sexual violence and gender inequality.

It's not a woman's job to have kids

Abortion access is limited, but this traveling doctor is determined to provide care

Dr. Colleen McNicholas travels an average of 400 miles almost weekly to one of four abortion clinics in three different states. Kavanaugh's confirmation could take away her ability to provide care.

Rebecca Traister’s ‘Good and Mad’ reminds us that women’s anger can be a catalyst for revolution

"You tell women not to be angry and crazy because you’re trying to keep them from plotting a revolution."

Language experts on Christine Blasey Ford’s testimony — and how words impact if women are believed

"If you’re overly emotional, you’re criticized for that. If you’re not emotional enough, you’re criticized for that, too.”

Can a gay man and a straight woman have a happy marriage?

Blaine and Lindsay Hickman are both Mormon. Blaine is gay and Lindsay is straight — and they have been married for almost 15 years.

Anita Hill on Christine Blasey Ford, Kavanaugh hearing: “It’s hard for me to imagine it can be fair”

Ford accused Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh of attempted rape.

These black women tattooists are traveling the country to show off their skills

Lady L founded Ladies of Ink after asking her Instagram followers to name other black women who could tattoo.

Bill Cosby sentenced to 3 to 10 years in prison for sexual assault retrial

The 81-year-old comedian faced anywhere from probation to 10 years.

With #WhyIDidntReport, sexual assault survivors remind Trump about the dangers of rape culture

Trump criticized for tweets about Christine Blasey Ford's alleged assault.

Amber Rose on Kavanaugh allegations: “No woman wants to be famous for being the girl that got raped”

Rose urges people to protest against Kavanaugh's nomination as she prepares for the fourth annual Amber Rose SlutWalk.

Transplaining: My husband wants to transition into a woman. What should I do?

Serena Daniari answers a question from a reader about what to do now that her husband has decided to transition into a woman.

Michigan State University hid decades of Larry Nassar sexual assault allegations, lawsuit claims

One woman says Nassar raped, drugged and impregnated her when she was 17.

Serena Williams shows black women how to be the heroines we truly are

For black women, speaking your mind is often a revolutionary act.

Bill Cosby tries to get sexual assault case judge removed days before his sentencing

Camille Cosby, Bill Cosby's wife, argued her husband did not receive a fair trial.

Kelly Rowland on chair umpire who fined Serena Williams at US Open: “Men say way worse on the court”

The singer is the latest to come to the tennis superstar's defense.