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‘Skate Kitchen,’ ‘13 Reasons Why’ show how teens often feel powerless in the #MeToo era

Teens often don’t have the words or the power to adequately confront sexual assault.

Black women are walking to save their lives

“Black women are dying faster and at higher rates than any other group from preventable obesity-related diseases," GirlTrek co-founder Morgan Dixon said.

Dascha Polanco gets real about body positivity and loving her curves in ‘Women’s Health’

"I wished I could cut off my rolls with scissors," Polanco told 'Women's Health.'

#38PercentCounts calls attention to pay gap between black women and white men

One in three Americans are unaware black women are paid significantly less than white men.

Transplaining: I just found out the woman I’m talking to on Tinder is trans. Am I still straight?

Serena Daniari answers a reader question about his sexuality now that he is attracted to and dating a trans woman.

It's not a woman's job to have kids

My mom is transitioning to become my dad. How do I support him when I feel like I’m mourning my mom?

Serena Daniari answers a reader question about how to be supportive of a parent who is transitioning.

How Fat Girls Dance is dismantling stigmas toward fat bodies

Fat Girls Dance is a global group of fat women who are challenging people’s perceptions of what they can do through dance.

Transplaining: I’m dating a man who doesn’t know I’m transgender. How — and when — do I tell him?

Serena Daniari answers a transgender woman's question about revealing her identity to a man she is dating.

An injectable estrogen shortage reminds trans women that our fight is far from over

For 'Mic Dispatch,' correspondent Serena Daniari interviewed trans woman Emira Hajj about the injectable estrogen shortage.

Planned Parenthood sues Idaho over abortion-reporting law that “shames” patients

The law requires abortion providers to report on complications that result from abortion, and to record personal information about the people who undergo the procedure.

Transplaining: I’m a transgender man who wants to be a dad. How should I come out to my future kids?

Serena Daniari helps a transgender man figure out how to tell his future children that he is trans.

Transplaining: I’m nonbinary, but I still present as male. I feel fake. How do I deal with this?

Serena Daniari offers advice to a nonbinary person who still presents as male and wants to shake the idea that they cannot fully identify as nonbinary.

‘When She Rises’: How a Solange quote inspired these women to launch an all-women art exhibit

Los Angeles-based curators Lexx Valdez and Erin Yoshi are hosting an all-women artist exhibit.

Transplaining: I’m a cisgender man. How do I tell my friends and family my partner is transgender?

Serena Daniari offers some advice to a man who has always identified as straight, but is now dating a trans woman.

Introducing Transplaining, a weekly advice column by correspondent Serena Daniari

Plus, Daniari answers the first question: "How can I — a trans woman — make peace with the fact that I don't pass?"

The average black trans woman doesn’t live beyond 35. On my 34th birthday, I’m celebrating them too.

Our lives are being cut short at alarming rates.

The World Health Organization will no longer categorize transgender people as mentally ill

WHO said the move was, in part, meant to decrease the social stigma associated with being trans.

The number of startups founded by black women has more than doubled since 2016. Here’s why.

Kathryn Finney explains the data behind ProjectDiane 2018.

These women are advocating for their rights in the porn and sex-work industries

They represent a small but powerful sample of people in these invariably intertwined professions who are pushing for equal and human rights.