These restaurants are inspired by your pop culture favorites

Oct. 19, 2017

Barcelona Bar

Emporium in Chicago opened a pop-up dedicated to the blockbuster Netflix series in the summer of 2017. Patrons enjoyed cocktails garnished with Eggo waffles.


In 2016, Saved By the Max opened in Chicago for a year and traveled to LA afterward. The pop-up even hired actor Ed Alonzo, who played Max, for promo.

Saved By The Max

The Beetle House is a permanent bar with locations in New York and LA. Drinks inspired by Tim Burton films include Edward's Lemonade and the Big Fish Bowl.

Beetle House

Cheers Beacon Hill is a permanent bar located in Boston, and was the inspiration for Sam Malone's beloved watering hole in the show ‘Cheers’.

Cheers Beacon Hill

Rue la Rue, a comfort food cafe in New York City, is decorated with ‘Golden Girls’ memorabilia the owner received from Blanche herself.

Rue la Rue Cafe

Barcelona Bar is a permanent NYC bar that serves a 'Harry Potter'-inspired shot served by "Harry" himself with a wand and lots of fire.

Barcelona Bar