Musicians that had sexual assault allegations surface post-Weinstein

Oct. 30, 2017

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A number of sexual misconduct allegations have popped up in the music industry following the Harvey Weinstein scandal.

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Some of these men have admitted to wrongdoing, and some have stayed silent. Others have issued either denials or apologies without copping to any allegations.

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R. Kelly

DJ Kitti Jones told Rolling Stone that, as one of Kelly’s girlfriends, she was beaten, forced to have sex with other women and starved from 2011 to 2013.

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She also said that Kelly controlled every aspect of her life, including her wardrobe and ability to communicate with anyone outside the singer's circle.

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Kelly’s representatives responded to the allegations by saying that the relationship was “consensual.”

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The St. Louis rapper was arrested in Washington on Oct. 4 when a woman called 911 in the early morning hours, saying he’d raped her on his tour bus.

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The accuser dropped her case almost immediately because, according to her attorney, “She believes the system is going to fail her.”

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Nelly has not been charged with any crime.

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Twiggy Ramirez

Jessicka Addams alleged in an October 2017 Facebook post that she was raped and beaten by her ex-boyfriend Jeordie White 20 years prior.

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White's more commonly known as Twiggy Ramirez, and was the longtime bassist in Marilyn Manson’s band — until he was fired in October 2017.

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Addams wrote that she has “lived with the overwhelming shame and guilt of being raped for well over 20 years."

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Ducktails’ Matt Mondanile

Real Estate announced in 2016 that founding member Matt Mondanile was leaving the group to pursue his solo career as Ducktails.

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But it recently came to light that his bandmates fired him for alleged inappropriate sexual conduct with multiple women, such as groping them while they slept.

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He initially denied wrongdoing, but later admitted in a statement that he took advantage of his role. Several Ducktails shows were canceled.

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Crystal Castles’ Ethan Kath

Alice Glass, former singer of Crystal Castles, left the band in 2014, but the real reasoning behind her exit wasn't made public until October 2017.

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In a statement, Glass alleged that Ethan Kath, the producer for Crystal Castles, repeatedly raped and abused her starting in 2006, when she was only 15.


Kath refuted the claims via a statement through his attorney, saying, “Her story is pure fiction and I am consulting my lawyers as to my legal options.”

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