Donald Trump: The fast-food president

Nov. 3, 2017

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President Donald Trump has a decades-long relationship with fast food.

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Let's turn back the clock. The year is 1988, and Ronald Reagan is about to pass the presidential baton to George H.W. Bush.

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Meanwhile, Trump is working the camera in a Diet Pepsi ad pegged to the highly anticipated boxing match between Mike Tyson and challenger Michael Spinks.

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(This was before Tyson's infamous ear-biting incident.)

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In 1995, Trump co-starred in a Pizza Hut commercial. His on-screen partner was none other than his ex-wife, Ivana.


In fact, the couple's divorce was a theme in the ad. Trump tells his ex she is "only entitled to half" of the stuffed-crust pizza.


This was just three years after the pair got a divorce — one that was extensively scrutinized for its prenuptial agreement.

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Divorce and delivery go together like peanut butter and jelly, perhaps.

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Pizza Hut found Trump a successful spokesman, so the brand brought him in again in 2000 — this time without his ex-wife.


In the 30-second clip, Trump represented all things New York to promote the "Big New Yorker" pizza in Australia.


These days, however, many New Yorkers reject Trump as one of their own, launching multiple protests and creating an original "New York hates you" chant.

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In 2002, Mickey D's wanted in on the fun. In the clip, Trump asks Grimace for some money advice, pushing the Dollar Menu and promoting his billionaire status.


In the ensuing years, Trump has remained open about his love for fast food — even when not being paid to do so.

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While on the campaign trail in August 2016, Trump shared a photo of himself eating KFC with a fork and knife — fancy.


Months earlier, Trump posted a photo of himself picking at some McDonald's fries on his private jet.


Trump told CNN that he chalks his love of fast food up to a cleanliness factor.


Seems like there are plenty of interpretations of the term "clean eating."

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