Don't ever sell plus-size tights like this

Dec. 15, 2017

Let this be a lesson to all retailers and brands: Do not, under any circumstances, do this.

On, an online retailer of discounted goods akin to Amazon, a number of plus-size tights are modeled by women who are not plus-size models.

To show how wide these tights and leggings can stretch, the straight-sized models pose with their entire bodies inside the tights.

For one pair, a woman puts both of her legs into one leg of the tights to show how large it can be.

It’d be funny if it wasn’t evidence of a widespread problem. Often, models in plus-size ads aren’t plus-size, but rather a size 6 or 8 wearing padding.

This is just an extreme example of this problem, and one that isn’t new, either. Earlier this year, Amazon was criticized for similar pictures.

Mic has reached out to for comment, as the images on the site remain live, and will update when we hear back.