5 smart moves to maximize the value of your wedding registry

Dec. 27, 2017


A wedding is a chance to celebrate with people you love — and stock up on useful stuff for your new life together as a married couple.


But choosing items for a registry is a big responsibility. After all, when else will you get the chance to pick out the gifts your loved ones will get for you?

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Here are some tips for making the most of your wedding registry.

Stick with durable items that will stand the test of time.

Maximize value by choosing gifts that will last a lifetime, or at least a few decades.


That might mean skipping gifts like hand towels in favor of pots and pans or serving dishes you can use for years.


Consider experiences instead of things.

You know what really does last forever? Memories. Many registry services allow couples to set up funds for everything from honeymoons to new homes.


Stay practical.

It’s easy to go wild building a wedding registry (there are so many cool gadgets to choose from!) but you’ll be better off picking out things you’ll really use.


Consider skipping the yogurt maker and the fruit dehydrator in favor of things you’ll get more daily use out of.


Make sure to register for the right number of gifts.

Conventional wisdom suggests it’s better to over-register than to underdo it. After all, you want every guest to have their choice of gifts.

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It’s a good idea to register for at least one gift per each invited guest, plus enough extra for everyone to have options.


Maximize value with deals and completion discounts.

Many popular stores, like Macy’s and Bed Bath and Beyond, give “completion” discounts on items you registered for but didn’t get as wedding presents.


That’s another reason to over-register: Even if no one buys an item for you, depending on where you register, you may still be able to get it at a discount.

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