6 apps to save money and get refunds you didn’t even know about

Jan. 12, 2018

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Rather than relying on willpower alone to accomplish some of the more annoying money tasks you’ll likely endure in 2018, delegate some of that work to an app.

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The app Service helps domestic travelers file for discounts, largely in the form of travel vouchers to make up for delayed or canceled flights.

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Earny scans your email inbox for receipts and tracks the items for discounts after you paid. Users reportedly save about $300 annually on the app.

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Dosh can also get you cash back by automatically scanning for and applying various coupon codes or other discounts that you might have missed.



Trim analyzes subscriptions you might consider canceling, and will also attempt to renegotiate your cable or internet bill on your behalf with major providers.

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Paribus searches your purchase history for items whose price has fallen since you bought it and applies for a refund.

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Finally, the Rakuten-backed Slice offers a free service that also tracks your inbox for receipts and alerts you to possible refund opportunities.