Here are 4 diverse superheroes who deserve their own films

Feb. 2, 2018

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Superhero movies star a lot of white guys.

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But Wonder Woman was a huge success in 2017, and the excitement around Black Panther is palpable.

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The success of these films shows that there’s a high demand for superheroes who aren’t white men.

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The total number of live-action Marvel and DC Comics movies that have hit theaters between 2000 and now

Source: Marvel, Crave

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Of that 57, only six have starred someone besides a white man as the main character: Blade 2, Blade 3, Elektra, Catwoman, V for Vendetta and Wonder Woman.

Source: Marvel, Crave

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Here are four more comic book superheroes who should get their own movie.

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Miss America Chavez

This character made waves in 2017 for becoming Marvel’s first queer Latin-American superhero to get their own comic book series.


To have a character who’s named “America” and bears the colors of our flag says something special about the changing face of the nation.



Midnighter and Apollo

Midnighter is a vigilante who dresses in all black and fights crime. Apollo is a superhero who can fly, has super strength and is invulnerable.

DC Comics

There are very clear similarities to be drawn between these two and DC’s Batman and Superman — except both men are out as gay and married to each other.

DC Comics


The Green Turtle

The Green Turtle is the first Chinese-American comic book superhero.

Blazing Comics

A Green Turtle movie would allow us to explore the interesting relationship between immigrant life and superhero exploits.

Blazing Comics



The story of a woman who has the power to control the weather has “blockbuster film” written all over it.


And if we can have three Wolverine movies, Storm deserves at least one.