How seeing live music can actually help with anxiety

Feb. 1, 2018

Luis Domingo/Mic

Seeing live music can be fun for lots of reasons — but it turns out going to a concert might also be good for your health.

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A 2016 study found that seeing live classical music can lower levels of cortisol and cortisone, hormones associated with feelings of stress and anxiety.

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The research was conducted out of the Centre for Performance Science at the Royal College of Music in London.

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They found that the study participants showed reductions in stress hormones across the board, the Telegraph reported in 2016.

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The changes weren’t related to factors like age or prior familiarity with the music, researchers said, suggesting the response could be “universal.”

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However, researchers cautioned that their study focused only on live classical music.

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More research would need to be done to evaluate if seeing other genres of live music would have the same anxiety-reducing effect.

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