An immersive look into the transgender experience

Feb. 2, 2018

Paul Chun/Mic

Mic has produced a series of videos capturing the personal moments of judgment directed at trans people in public spaces.


To capture this, a shooter walked in front of, behind and alongside different trans individuals.


In May 2013, Monica Jones, a black transgender woman and prominent activist for sex-worker rights, was arrested for “manifesting prostitution.”

Rainmaker Photo/MediaPunch/AP

A 2014 Columbia University report said trans women, particularly trans women of color, “are endemically profiled as being engaged in sex work.”

Bullit Marquez/AP

I was trapped in a constant state of paranoia and began to grapple with serious bouts of depression and anxiety.

— Serena Daniari



A 2015 survey from the National Center for Transgender Equality found that 40% of respondents had attempted suicide.

Source: National Center for Transgender Equality

Ted Aljibe/Getty Images

Life is so much better when you are walking in your truth.

— Brandi Ahzionae


Some people will say nasty things and laugh at me and mock me and take my pictures without my consent.

— Derek Du Jour


I’m done saying what society says a woman is.

— Bianka G


Trans people exist in every corner of society. You will undoubtedly walk by us, work with us and share spaces with us, whether you realize it or not.

— Serena Daniari