Meet 7 influencers diversifying the face of travel

Feb. 22, 2018

EB Adventure Photography/Shutterstock

Travel influencer stereotypes, like a blonde beach lover or bearded adrenaline seeker, do not represent everyone who wishes to be an adventurer.


That's why it's so important for the following seven travel influencers to share their own experiences and perspectives.


Journalist Oneika Raymond, host of the Travel Channel's Big City, Little Budget and One Bag and You’re Out, writes about her experience as a black woman abroad.

Oneika Raymond

My voice is also important because I can provide information and inspiration for people who share a similar racial and cultural background.

— Oneika Raymond


Kiona, the influencer behind How Not To Travel Like a Basic Bitch, has gained a reputation for calling out injustices and dropping controversial truthbombs.


By acknowledging and celebrating our cultural differences, we close those gaps, unify and take a step in the right direction.

— Kiona in a blog post about cultural appropriation


Gloria Atanmo, a Nigerian-American who writes The Blog Abroad, posts about her experiences as a black woman traveling the world.

Gloria Atanmo

I’m not afraid to talk about seemingly taboo subjects within ... travel, especially when it comes to intersectionality in politics, racism and foreign affairs.

— Gloria Atanmo


Bianca Karina, a biracial blogger who focuses on travel and plus-size fashion, teaches her readers to go after what they want.

Bianca Karina

I envision a future of travel where the stories behind local food, local art and lifestyle don’t need to be filtered through a white lens.

— Bianca Karina


Kent Johnson and Eric Martin founded Black and Abroad, an online resource for travelers of color to share experiences through empowering stories.

Kent Johnson and Eric Martin

There’s this weird assumption that black people don’t have the want or ability to see the world, and no one in the industry seems to want to change that idea.

— Kent Johnson

Kent Johnson

Erick Prince, who runs the blog Minority Nomad, sees his travels as a chance to disprove preconceptions about African-Americans.

Erick Prince

What people know about us comes from the media. … [My travels give locals] the opportunity to see an African-American man in person.

— Erick Prince


Annette Richmond created Fat Girls Traveling, a social group for women to chat and trade tips about traveling while plus-size.

Annette Richmond

One way to keep people feeling oppressed is by making them think they can’t change their circumstances. But we can, and we are.

— Annette Richmond