Makeup isn’t suddenly genderless. It always has been.

Feb. 23, 2018

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With the rise of male beauty vloggers, many in the beauty community overlook that men wearing makeup is not new.

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For thousands of years, men have taken part in things that society has deemed feminine — like wearing high heels or caring about personal grooming.

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Makeup was documented in ancient Egypt. We see examples of this on many artifacts from the time.

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People in ancient Egypt thought wearing makeup gave them protection from the gods Horus and Ra.

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Kohl eyeliner, which was made from grinding minerals like malachite and galena, served as much of a practical purpose as a spiritual one.

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One of the men who was most famously a fan of this exaggerated eyeliner look was King Tutankhamen.

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Men have been wearing nail polish since 3,200 B.C. — the colors signified different classes in Babylonia during this time.

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In the early 20th century, makeup advertising was entirely focused on women, not men.

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According to a number of sources, this period of time is when men who wore makeup became associated with effeminacy and homosexuality.

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Now, James Charles and male makeup aficionados like him are opening the doors for men who aspire to wear makeup again.

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Though it's unfortunate that it's taken decades for our society to go back to practices that were acceptable in 3,000 B.C., it's progress nonetheless.

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