The 10 best jobs for being your own boss

March 2, 2018


Working a 9-to-5 in an office isn’t for everyone, and it’s becoming more and more possible to be your own boss, work from anywhere and control your own hours.

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If you’re looking to be self-employed, here are some of the most common remote jobs according to FlexJobs, with salary data from PayScale.


10. Online tutor (average pay: $36,233)

Online tutors can make more money depending on their speciality. Tutors for law or business school entrance exams can make more than $100 an hour.


9. Teacher (average pay: $49,159)

Teachers who work for accredited online programs can often make more than tutors.

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8. Writer (average pay: $48,489)

Freelance writers can earn a living by working anywhere in the world, but writers earn more when they have a speciality, like technical writing.

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7. Accountant (average pay: $49,749)

Being an accountant or bookkeeper can be reliable work, and you can make even more with the right certifications.


6. Account manager (average pay: $51,181)

Managing relationships across all kinds of industries can be flexible work, but there may be travel required.


5. Nurse (average pay: $60,132)

Nursing might not seem like remote work, but tele-medicine makes it possible to provide health care to anyone from anywhere.


4. Developer (average pay: $69,313)

Remote software developers already earn an impressive wage, but you can make significantly more as you gain experience.


3. Business development manager (average pay: $71,233)

This position, which involves getting new business for clients, usually requires a background in sales or experience in a specific industry.


2. Speech language pathologist (average pay: $79,268)

This job usually requires certification or a relevant degree, but thanks to teleconferencing, it can be done remotely.


1. Client services director (average pay: $87,575)

This job, which involves managing relationships and ensuring clients are happy, is often done remotely but may involve travel.