A brief history of women fighting for change

March 12, 2018

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Throughout the last century, women have gathered to protest many social and political issues. Here are moments where women have been a visible show of force.

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Woman face tear gas while picketing at the Newton Steel Company after the plant in Monroe, Michigan, refuses to unionize.

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Employees picket as a conga line after a New York dance studio declines to recognize their union.

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Women protest outside the White House in response to the slaying of four black men in Georgia.

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Anti-Vietnam war activists from Women’s Strike for Peace storm the Pentagon to protest the war and the use of nuclear weapons.

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Activists march in New York on the 51st anniversary of women’s suffrage.

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Demonstrators in Pittsburgh fight for the Equal Rights Amendment granting equal protection under the law regardless of sex.

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Women march in New York to demand an end to violence in the pornography industry.

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Reproductive rights activists protest a Supreme Court decision that would impose new limits on abortions.

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Muslim women line up outside the White House to protest then-Iraqi President Saddam Hussein.

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Mothers flock to the Million Mom March for gun control in Los Angeles.

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The March for Women’s Lives fights for abortion access rights while taking on President George W. Bush’s reproductive health agenda.

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Demonstrators voice outrage at the police killing of Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri.

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Women and supporters mobilize to fight for equal rights and take a stand against misogyny at the Women’s March on Washington.

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Women speak out against sexual harassment and assault in one of many #MeToo movement marches in Seattle.

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