5 foods that are banned in the United States

March 23, 2018

Joamir Salcedo/Mic



This Scottish pudding is made of sheep lungs, which is an illegal ingredient in the United States per the Food and Drug Administration.

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Casu Marzu

This Italian cheese is made by hatching fly larvae in pecorino cheese. The way it’s made is precisely why it’s banned in the U.S.

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Ackee fruit

This Jamaican fruit can be fatal or induce coma if not properly boiled. It contains the toxic substances hypoglycin A and B.

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Shark fins

This Chinese delicacy requires illegally removing fins from sharks. The sea creatures are then thrown back into the water.

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Beluga caviar

The U.S. banned this pricey snack in 2005 to protect this endangered species from overfishing.

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So if you’re hungry for any of these foods, prepare to travel the distance.