Will anyone ever make jeans that don’t rip at the thigh?

April 27, 2018

Joamir Salcedo/Mic

Even the best pair of jeans can succumb to the dreaded thigh rip. You know, the wear and tear that happens after months of your thighs rubbing together.

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It’s not just jeans — it happens to leggings too. But for some reason, it feels extra frustrating when your denim wears through in the same spots every time.

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“It’s been the bane of my existence,” Alexandra Waldman, co-founder of plus-size clothing brand Universal Standard, said.

Universal Standard

Jonathan Cheung, head of design at Levi’s, said tearing in the thighs happens because that part of the pants experiences the most stress.


Universal Standard is working on designing jeans and pants that don’t rip at the thighs so quickly, Waldman said.

Universal Standard

So is Levis, which is counting on durable denim combined with flexibility in certain areas to stop the tearing.


Despite the prevalence of the issue, no one in fashion has been able to design a pair of jeans that avoids the thigh rip completely.