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July 18, 2017

In defense of women not shaving

In the end, women shouldn't be obligated to justify their personal grooming habits.

Dascha Polanco on inclusive fashion, her hashtag #selflovery and redefining beauty standards

We spoke to the 'Orange Is the New Black' actress about why she believes fashion should be for all sizes.

Every stunning look Michelle Obama’s rocked in her six months since leaving the White House

We've rounded up every single post-FLOTUS appearance.

A look at how ModCloth changed the landscape of inclusive fashion

It started in a dorm room in 2002. Now it's giving brands the blueprint for how to be more progressive.

Under Armour's latest campaign is celebrating the power of female athletes

Jessie Graff, Alison Désir, Natasha Hastings and Zoe Zhang also appear in the ads.
July 18, 2017

Model Rain Dove on why gender fluidity isn’t a fashion trend

'Mic' spoke with Rain Dove about 'Vogue' and gender fluidity.

See pics from the first-ever all-black Pirelli calendar featuring Naomi Campbell, RuPaul & Lupita Nyong’o 

Diddy, Djimon Hounsou, Duckie Thot and others appear in the Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland-themed shoot.

Stop praising male celebrities like Harry Styles for wearing "heels." They are not heels.

They are boots with a little height at the heel, not heels.

Miss Eaves' 'Thunder Thighs' is here to celebrate big thighs in the summer

"We are both intersectional feminists and we want our art to reflect our politics."

Jake-Jamie Ward to be first male spokesmodel repping face masks for U.K. beauty brand Soap & Glory

For years, Jake-Jamie Ward has been fighting hard for men to be included in the makeup and beauty world.
July 13, 2017

The financial burden of having bigger breasts

Once your bras get to a certain size, you can expect to pay more for them — a lot more. Here's what you can do about it.

The EveryMan Project is trying to bring men into the body-positive conversation

Photographer Tarik Carroll started the project with the goal of changing mainstream views on what men really look like.

Brooklyn’s Curlfest celebrates natural hair during 4th annual beauty festival

“The great thing about the movement now is that barrier is being broken down; there’s no good hair and there’s no bad hair."

The Nude Project is trying to create a more diverse nude palette for the fashion industry — and it needs your help 

With just a selfie, you could be helping the fashion industry become more inclusive.

Meet Sara Geurts, the 26-year-old woman with a rare skin condition who’s killing the modeling game

Sara Geurts is just 26 years old, and is making a difference for many.
June 8, 2017

Science confirms: Plus-size representation helps improve women's psychological health

When viewing images of plus-size models, women tended to not compare themselves as much.

What Melania Trump wore her 25th week as first lady — from Germany to Paris for Bastille Day

Melania Trump was all patriotic in Paris this week.

Chub rub in the summer is excruciating, inevitable and totally normal. Let’s talk about it. 

Here's what it is, along with some tips and tricks for how to avoid it this summer.