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2 hours ago

Casual, fresh-out-of-the-White-House Obama may be the best Obama

No tie, no problem.

10 boldly stylish jackets to cop this spring

Keep warm in style with these light jackets and bombers from trendy shops.
March 27, 2017

This man with Down syndrome is building a sock empire

This teen used her prom dress to honor Trayvon Martin and the Black Lives Matter movement

Milan Morris showed up to her prom in Florida ready to make a statement.

After being bullied for wearing makeup, this 12-year-old boy got the ultimate gift from Ellen DeGeneres

Reuben de Maid loves makeup just as much as he loves singing.
April 21, 2017

What Melania Trump wore her 13th week as first lady — Easter Egg Roll and beyond

Melania Trump is back and embracing all the pastels.

McDonald's teamed up with two designers to give its uniforms a modern makeover

The new uniforms are a departure from what current employees are forced to wear.

No, let's not write about what Sarah Palin was wearing to the White House on Thursday 

After her visit to the White House, the 'Hollywood Reporter' wanted to write about her white blouse.

Zara pulls a skirt from its site after customers complain that its design resembles Pepe the Frog

This isn't the first time Zara has had to pull a controversial item.

Model Tess Holliday is boycotting Uber after being fat-shamed by a driver

After posting a video of an altercation with an Uber driver, Holliday is vowing to never use the company again.
April 20, 2017

It's time to talk about Oprah's truly incredible glasses collection

Oprah Winfrey knows a good pair of glasses.

Model Linda Evangelista shows love to 'RPDR' by posting iconic Aja/Valentina meme on IG

"You're perfect. You're beautiful. You look like Linda Evangelista. You're a model."

Meet Follain, the beauty retailer fighting to make sure you never wear toxic makeup again

All of its products are safe, nontoxic and ethically made.

Kim Kardashian West called the flu "an amazing diet." It's not going over well.

Maybe think twice before you tweet, Kim.

Victoria's Secret is getting called out for their list of what "sexy" means to them

This year, not a single black woman appeared on the list.
April 18, 2017

Adidas slammed for poorly worded “You survived the Boston marathon” email

Adidas apology coming in 3...2...1...

With his new bridal collection, Christian Siriano is looking out for the often-ignored plus-size bride

Siriano's latest bridal collection goes up to a size 26.

This fitness blogger wanted to feel more comfortable with herself, so she stopped shaving

It's been more than one year since Morgan Mikenas shaved her body hair.

Why is everyone famous getting a blonde pixie-length cut without me?

From Cara Delevingne to Zoë Kravitz to Katy Perry, the blonde pixie is sprouting up everywhere.

Barack got caught taking a picture of Michelle on vacation — and people are losing it

Barack Obama's new job is actually just taking pictures of Michelle Obama.