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April 22, 2017

How one Reddit post launched 600 marches across the world

It started with one post on the internet. Now it's expected to be the biggest worldwide rally since the Women's March.

Facebook wants direct access to your brain. Think twice before letting it in.

Facebook has taken up your time and all the space on your smartphone. Now it wants to rent a room in your brain.

NASA just snapped a jaw-dropping photo of Earth from between Saturn’s rings

Earth and its moon photobombed Saturn.

The 10 things you're doing wrong on Snapchat — according to these teenage power users

Become a Snapchat expert in no time at all.
April 21, 2017

New iPhone 8 leak teases a feature that won't make fans happy

Will Apple bring the S8's worst feature to the iPhone?

This young tech millionaire was just exposed as a huge secret Trump donor

Move over, Peter Thiel.

This could be the reason the iPhone 8 is delayed — and it spells trouble for Apple

Did Apple get too ambitious with a fingerprint sensor in its rumored new display?

Bill Nye just issued a major challenge to President Trump — and it could actually change the world

"We could power the entire United States renewably right now. You could be a visionary."

Everyone is posting their Facebook transformation photos. Here's how to create yours.

People are on board to share embarrassing pre-puberty pictures.
April 19, 2017

Trump's White House is about to make your internet way more expensive

You may not even realize it.

This edible, invisible "peel" helps produce stay fresh for up to five times longer than normal

This could help fix our food waste problem in more ways than one.

The internet is collectively repulsed by this weird giant shipworm 

The giant shipworm can grow to be five feet long.

Can you spot the problem with this list of top tech investors?

Men dominate the list of the "world's smartest tech investors."

NASA launch to be broadcast through 360-degree livestream feed

NASA's spacecraft launch on Tuesday will be viewable online as never before.
April 15, 2017

Kendrick Lamar needs to switch messaging apps immediately

Kendrick, we love you, but improve your OPSEC.

A hunter in Montana accidentally discovered this prehistoric sea monster

It was a carnivorous sea creature with a tiny head and large, paddle-shaped limbs.

Inside the conservative plan to stop human trafficking by blocking porn on your phone

This one requires some mental gymnastics.

17 teens take us inside the world of Snapchat streaks, where friendships live or die

"If u let our streak die, u let us die."

Your phone's fingerprint sensor is more vulnerable than you think

But don't switch it out for facial recognition technology — it's believed to be even less secure.