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Dating apps are getting more political ahead of midterm elections. What does that say about users?

Millennial women care more about their partner being voters than millennial men, according to OkCupid data.

How to set your iPhone’s AirDrop to receive photos from “Contacts Only”

Because creeps won't stop creepin'.

Facebook hired a former member of Europe’s Parliament as its global affairs head

Nick Clegg will lead Facebook's global affairs and communication.

A look into Facebook’s fake news “War Room” reveals the company’s plans to tackle misinformation

The social media juggernaut has given journalists a glimpse into their fight on fake news.

Buying Apple’s iPhone XR Friday? Here’s how to get your pre-order in before everyone else.

Here are steps you can take to get the earliest delivery date.

Twitter is exposing and archiving misleading tweets that are tampering with our politics

Twitter released hundreds of gigabytes worth of data related to misinformation on its platform.

The ‘Pokémon Go’ improved AR+ mode is now on iPhone and Android — here’s how to use it

Pokémon go to the real world in this latest update.

Myanmar military members posed as pop stars to spread violence-inducing fake news on Facebook

A new report indicates the military has been spreading misinformation.

Google’s AI software seeks to detect advanced breast cancer better than we have before

The tech company is using algorithms to detect cancer.

Samsung’s new phone has more camera lenses than buttons

One camera on the front, four on the back.

WhatsApp bug lets hackers take over your app simply by calling you. Here’s how to prevent it.

Get the new version of WhatsApp immediately.

Amazon’s recruiting software that ranked men higher than women is a lesson in AI bias

The software reportedly penalized resumes containing the word “women’s.”

Google’s Pixel Slate wants to be both your laptop and a tablet — here’s how it works

Google's new tablet is two products in one.

Facebook introduces Portal and Portal+, its video-chatting devices for your home

Facebook now sells a tablet with Alexa built-in.

90% of millennials won’t go to the bathroom without their phones, study shows

Also, your phone is 10 times dirtier than a toilet seat.

The Chinese government infiltrated Apple and Amazon servers with a tiny microchip

U.S. investigators revealed that the servers containing these rogue chips were assembled by Super Micro Computer Inc.

Amazon’s minimum wage boost will strip hourly employees of bonuses

On Tuesday, Amazon announced that it would increase minimum wages to $15 an hour.

Most of the fake news bots on Twitter from 2016 are still out there, study finds

Twitter has some cleaning up to do.

Apple CEO Tim Cook says they’re not letting China’s government access user data

Encryption is encryption, no matter the country

Pulled over by police? Siri can quietly record video and send your location to an emergency contact

With a custom word or phrase, your iPhone can record the entire interaction.