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Sept. 18, 2017

Inside South Korea’s terrifying new alt-right movement

This increasingly influential group is known for a “deep-seated misogyny” and a hatred of immigrants, LGBT rights and the left. Sound familiar?

The most wholesome internet trolls ever are reclaiming racist subreddits one by one

/r/JewWatch is now dedicated to pictures of Judaism-themed timepieces.

How knives helped me hack my OCD brain and eliminate my greatest fear

I constantly envisioned vivid, horrifying scenarios about murdering my friends and family. Then my therapist entered the room with an armful of kitchen knives.

Snapchat’s new animated Bitmoji avatars are a blast to play with

You'll want to try this ASAP.

Tinder Gold turned my swiping experience into a nearly endless buffet of dudes

It's a semi-creepy look behind the curtain — and it'll cost you.
Sept. 9, 2017

There's an underground, alternative Facebook that you never knew existed

Let's take a tour through "Weird Facebook" and "Leftbook." They're shaping the future of your News Feed.

Instagram just announced a small update that could have a big effect on harassment

Instagram now lets you better limit who can comment on a photo.

Katherine Johnson will have a NASA research center named after her

One of NASA's most important legacy workers gets her own building.

All the cool kids are using this viral app to make sparkly Instagram videos

Shine on, my friends.

Scientists made robots that build molecules. They could revolutionize medical research.

A billion billion of these robots would only be as large as a grain of salt.
Sept. 22, 2017

A new discovery could change the way we treat HIV

A new type of scientifically engineered antibody was 99% effective at preventing HIV infection in macaques.

Self-care memes are pushing the #SelfCare movement to its absurd, nihilistic limits

"Self care is eating a dry block of ramen noodles."

#MeUnoAyudar comes to Puerto Rico’s aid following devastating Hurricane Maria-induced power outages

Relief for Puerto Rico is coming from all sides. Including Twitter users.

Researchers invented a robot muscle that lifts 1,000 times its weight

Muscles lead to robots — which could lead to humanity's new best friend.

Watch out — iOS 11 lets people record your Snapchats without alerting you

Your sexts aren't safe. Beware.

Toxic gases from diesel cars are killing thousands of people every year

An estimated 10,000 deaths across 30 countries are directly attributable to toxic gases emitted from diesel cars, a recent study says.

This viral hashtag is revealing how the tech industry rewards white privilege

Unqualified for tech? For one part of the population, that's not a problem.

What’s even cooler than Apple’s 3-D face scanning? Iris scanning. 

Your face is not a perfect password. Iris scanning is not only more secure, but more accurate, too, experts said.