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Oct. 3, 2017

How gun violence affects mental health — even for those who didn’t experience it firsthand

The effects of violence on a population's mental health are far-reaching.

Inside Ilbe: How South Korea’s angry young men formed a powerful new alt-right movement

This increasingly influential group is known for a “deep-seated misogyny” and a hatred of immigrants, LGBT rights and the left. Sound familiar?

How exposure therapy helped me hack my OCD brain and eliminate my greatest fear

I constantly envisioned vivid, horrifying scenarios about murdering my friends and family. Then my therapist entered the room with an armful of kitchen knives.

The most wholesome internet trolls ever are reclaiming racist subreddits one by one

/r/JewWatch is now dedicated to pictures of Judaism-themed timepieces.

How the Netherlands’ 3-D printed bridges could change cities around the world

When will 3-D printers produce inexpensive bridges for your city?
Sept. 9, 2017

“Weird Facebook” and “Leftbook,” explained: How absurd meme groups could change Facebook for good

Let's take a tour through "Weird Facebook" and "Leftbook." They're shaping the future of your News Feed.

The #FakeMelania conspiracy theory alleges Trump posed with a body double. The memes are perfect.

“Melania is plagiarizing bodies now.”

Online dating apps like Tinder are linked to sharp increases in interracial marriage, study finds

Yet another way dating apps are changing our culture.

4 female NASA scientists will soon be in toy boxes across America. Here’s why that’s important.

Women hold less than 25% of STEM jobs, despite making up nearly half of the American workforce.

Here’s what you need to know about tbh, the anonymous compliments app Facebook just bought

This app made us feel really old, tbh.
Oct. 17, 2017

Why adding a calorie counter to Google Maps was a dangerous mistake

"For someone with an eating disorder, it can actually become fuel for the fire.”

“First of all,” the newest Twitter meme, celebrates the art of the self-own

Sometimes, the best way to roast someone else is to bravely charge into the flames yourself — to face, embrace and defiantly remind everyone how messy you truly are.

The iPhone X release is weeks away — but Apple’s new device is already appearing in the wild

Here's a running list of iPhone X footage.

Your need for instant gratification is killing your productivity. Here’s how you can override it.

Can you get through this whole article without checking your notifications?

Even encrypted Wi-Fi can be hacked — here’s what you need to know

When the best encryption still isn't enough
Oct. 16, 2017

About 1 in 5 people will witness someone collapse from cardiac arrest. But few will be able to help.

The majority of people will be reluctant to perform CPR on someone in need, a recent study suggests.

US Embassy workers have reported being attacked by sonic weapons. Here’s what they sound like.

It kind of sounds like a screaming herd of cats walking on a chalkboard with knives strapped to their paws.

Zapping brains could make exercise more effortless, study says

Hurry up and zap my brains.

The US military thinks octopus skin might hold the secret to creating advanced robot camouflage

Researchers created a flat surface that can quickly inflate to look like a bed of rocks.

Storing renewable energy costs way too much. This battery could change that.

It's only the size of a coffee cup, and yet it could change the world of renewable energy.