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Twitter bans far-right activist Laura Loomer for Islamophobic tweet

The tweet in question referred to Minnesota Rep.-elect Ilhan Omar as “anti-Jewish” and referred to Muslim women as “abused and forced to wear the hijab.”

Gab just booted white supremacist Patrick Little for anti-Semitic threats

Little denied doxxing people on Gab during a YouTube livestream posted hours after his Gab account was deleted.

Asian-American college students have higher rates of compulsive gambling

A nonprofit organization in the San Francisco Bay Area is arming students with strategies to avoid getting hooked.

Prime real estate: New Yorkers protest Amazon’s Long Island City arrival

Not everyone is happy Amazon is coming to Queens.

This #AppleStoreChallenge video ended with a heartwarming gesture from a popular comedian

People are dancing in Apple stores for the 'gram.

Google has changed its policy on sexual harassment cases in response to employee demands

Abritration will now be optional for individual sexual harassment claims

Nintendo’s latest ‘Super Smash Bros.’ game will remove racist Native American imagery

Nintendo's Mr. Game and Watch will be tweaked before the game is released.

Facebook says it blocked 100 malicious accounts just in time for the midterm elections

The social network didn’t release details surrounding the pages it removed from its site, but reported that all the sites may have had ties to Russia’s Internet Research Agency.

A software engineer collected salaries in the tech industry. Here’s her advice for employers.

Here's some advice for executives at your company.

“Me voting in 2016 vs. 2018” meme reminds us who we’ve become since Trump was elected

From Prince Harry to full-on Gritty, the memes are all over the internet.

Siri’s shortcut app can now tell you your polling place and remind you to vote

Everyone's reminding you to vote. Including Siri.

Snapchat will use Bitmoji, polling maps to convince young people to vote in the midterm elections

Snapchat adds even more Election Day features and filters.

Cybersecurity experts say these voting machines could be susceptible to hacking

It takes less than two minutes to hack into the AccuVote TSx.

Google employees around the world are walking out to protest a culture of sexual misconduct

Google workers respond to the handling of Andy Rubin's departure.

Game developer Toca Boca subverts stereotypes and gender norms with its games for children

With 'Toca Life: World,' the game development studio seeks to continue prioritizing diversity and inclusion.

Facebook has removed Gavin McInnes and the Proud Boys from its site

The social network has removed the right-leaning men's group from its platform.

New emojis, iPads and Macs — here’s what Apple introduced during its October event

Apple visited the Brooklyn Academy of Music to introduce new products.

Is Twitter getting rid of its like button?

Twitter's communications team says they are "rethinking everything about the service."

Should driverless cars prioritize passenger or pedestrian safety? A study reveals how millions feel.

Most people would prioritize saving the young over saving the old

Spies are reportedly tuning into Trump’s calls — here’s how to have more secure chats than POTUS

Being more private than the president is, surprisingly, not that hard.