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June 19, 2018

They started raising money to reunite immigrant families. It’s now Facebook’s biggest fundraiser.

Fundraiser to reunite families at the border sets records.

Apple’s next iPhone update will change how your location is sent to 911 during emergency calls

911 callers using iOS 12 may see quicker response times in an emergency.

It’s official: Excessive gaming is now recognized as a health disorder

Adding "gaming disorder" to doctors' lists of possible conditions will help medical professionals diagnose patients — and in return, an increasing number of people may be able to seek treatment.

Google’s annual diversity report for 2018 has arrived — here’s the good, the bad and the ugly

The 22-page report tracks the company's racial and gender makeup as well as new initiatives that target inclusion.

Nearly two-thirds of women in tech say their ideas are ignored until a man repeats them, study shows

Of 1.4 million jobs projected for the computer science industry by 2020, women are on track to fill only 3% of them.

Uber’s making a 5MB “Lite” version of its app for emerging markets, starting with India

The new app removes some of the regular app's big features to accommodate people in places with slower data speeds.

Yes, airplanes are germy — but not more so than your house or office, study says

There are two ways of looking at this: Airplanes aren't particularly germy, or everywhere is disgusting.

The new iPhone update will turn Apple’s AirPods into pseudo-hearing aids

This helps justify the AirPods’ high price tag for people who are hard of hearing or those who just want to spy on folks in the other room.
June 5, 2018

Target and Walmart stop selling the superhackable kids’ toy CloudPets after pressure from Mozilla

Target and Walmart turn CloudPets into strays.

There’s literally no research proving sex robots are good for society, a new study says

Some claim sex robots would make therapeutic companions or lower the number of sexual crimes. But there's zero research proving that, a new paper from the U.K. suggests.

Apple Memoji in iOS 12 combine Animoji with Bitmoji for all your emoji needs

Apple has introduced a much more customized way to express yourself.

Apple’s next Safari update will prevent social media Like buttons from tracking you around the web

Stop companies from keeping tabs on your tabs.

Scientists checked the carbon footprint for 13,000 cities worldwide. These were the worst.

The United States had three of the top 10 worst cities for carbon emissions.

Apple may be saving your browser history longer than you think

iCloud users, it's time to check your settings.

Snapchat wants Facebook to copy its privacy practices, but Snap shares data with advertisers too

“We would really appreciate it if they copied our data protection practices also.”

California Consumer Privacy Act gains support from thousands of internet users in wake of GDPR

People are paying attention to the importance of user privacy.

Amazon sold facial recognition software to law enforcement. Here’s why some say it’s dangerous.

Police have already used recognition software to scan license plates at a mosque and faces at a demonstration for Freddie Gray. What's next?