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Oct. 23, 2017

Meet the people who believe the fluoride in your water is poisoning you

Fake news has whipped fluoride truthers into a frenzy. It turns out there’s much more drama in the community than we thought.

Singapore to lower the number of cars allowed on its roads

Hit the road, overpopulation.

Scientists figured out how to make cancer cells “commit suicide” — here’s how it works

“It’s like stabbing yourself, shooting yourself and jumping off a building all at the same time.” Mic spoke with the lead scientist behind the breakthrough.

Men and women see cheating a little differently, study says. That leaves room for some real hurt.

Multiple surveys show that around 20% of people in relationships cheat.

The human microbiome, explained: How bad science and junky diets gave rise to serious disease

New research is solving some fascinating mysteries about our insides. Here's a gut check on the human microbiome, what it means for your health and where the scientific claims get shady.
Oct. 20, 2017

Your dog uses facial expressions to communicate with you, according to a new study

Your dog might be trying to communicate with you.

It costs only $1,000 for someone to track your every move

Research from the University of Washington shows how anyone can track what apps you use and where you’ve been — for just $1,000.

Google Maps is going to space. Here’s everywhere in the universe you can visit.

Google recently added 16 new locations to Google Maps. None of them are on Earth.

Drinking a beer can help you speak a foreign language, study says

Yup. Time to drink.

How the Netherlands’ 3-D printed bridges could change cities around the world

When will 3-D printers produce inexpensive bridges for your city?
Oct. 18, 2017

The #FakeMelania conspiracy theory alleges Trump posed with a body double. The memes are perfect.

“Melania is plagiarizing bodies now.”

Online dating apps like Tinder are linked to sharp increases in interracial marriage, study finds

Yet another way dating apps are changing our culture.

4 female NASA scientists will soon be in toy boxes across America. Here’s why that’s important.

Women hold less than 25% of STEM jobs, despite making up nearly half of the American workforce.

Here’s what you need to know about tbh, the anonymous compliments app Facebook just bought

This app made us feel really old, tbh.

Why adding a calorie counter to Google Maps was a dangerous mistake

"For someone with an eating disorder, it can actually become fuel for the fire.”
Oct. 17, 2017

“First of all,” the newest Twitter meme, celebrates the art of the self-own

Sometimes, the best way to roast someone else is to bravely charge into the flames yourself — to face, embrace and defiantly remind everyone how messy you truly are.

The iPhone X release is weeks away — but Apple’s new device is already appearing in the wild

Here's a running list of iPhone X footage.

Your need for instant gratification is killing your productivity. Here’s how you can override it.

Can you get through this whole article without checking your notifications?

Even encrypted Wi-Fi can be hacked — here’s what you need to know

When the best encryption still isn't enough

About 1 in 5 people will witness someone collapse from cardiac arrest. But few will be able to help.

The majority of people will be reluctant to perform CPR on someone in need, a recent study suggests.