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June 23, 2018

Critics call out Candace Owens’ transphobic views and want Kanye West, Caitlyn Jenner to do the same

"You are a man. You have a penis. This isn’t a debate, it’s a mental disorder," Owens tweeted in November.

Movement Must-Reads: #AbolishICE, #WeWalkForHer and a summer of peace in Chicago

Plus, a devastating report from Reveal on the horrific conditions in many of the shelters used to house migrant children.

13-year-old Aziya Roberts organizes #WeWalkForHer march for missing black girls in Chicago

"We got to start using our voices to be heard," said Aziya Roberts.

It’s hard to look “Beyond Pride” when LGBTQ celebrations still exclude people of color

It is difficult for some of us to envision a promising tomorrow when so much of what’s taking place in the present is intolerable.

A Dunkin’ Donuts in Baltimore asked customers to report employees for not speaking English

A general manager offered a reward to customers who followed through.
April 30, 2018

Eugene Rice was lynched in 1918. This April, I drove to southern Georgia to learn if he was family.

My grandfather grew up just miles from where Rice died and had the same last name. Tracing their ties took me to Valdosta, Georgia, and a new lynching memorial in Montgomery, Alabama, seeking answers.

Chicago residents, Parkland students join forces in Summer of Peace march against gun violence

Chance the Rapper and Jennifer Hudson led the participants through the South Side of Chicago.

Movement Must-Reads: Trump’s threats against Chicago and digitizing the black press’s photo archives

Plus, Kim Kardashian West's first in-person meeting with Alice Marie Johnson, whose prison sentence was commuted after Kardashian West lobbied President Donald Trump.

Camille Cosby can divorce Bill Cosby, but she can’t escape what she’s said in defense of him

According to a recent report — which Bill Cosby's rep later denied — Camille Cosby is distancing herself from her disgraced husband.

Conservatives keep urging Trump to send troops into Chicago. Experts say it’s a bad idea.

Popular conservative pundits have raised the idea in recent weeks, even though Chicago's gun violence has dropped dramatically from previous years.
Feb. 1, 2018

America is covered in Confederate statues. We can do better — and here’s how.

Mic’s latest editorial effort — the Black Monuments Project — aims to correct this sordid legacy through a blend of history and imagination.

Should NFL players meet with Trump to discuss more prison pardons? Shaun King says “yes.”

"In effect, this is a hostage negotiation."

How ‘Pose’ restores pride to LGBTQ people of color

Transgender actors, actresses and producers tell us how the ballroom scene changed their lives.

Obsidian Collection Archives is digitizing the rich photo legacy of the black press

Rare images from black newspapers are now more accessible online.

Antash’a English, transgender woman, fatally shot in Jacksonville, Florida

On her Facebook page, English described herself as “a very independent transgendered woman ... who thrive[s] on being the best person I can be.”
June 1, 2018

Black Parkland survivor to help lead march against inner-city gun violence without white classmates

"They often say they want to highlight other types of gun violence. I personally haven’t seen that."

These faith-based communities are building out mental health programs to serve their congregations

A look at churches across the nation that have started programs that help people who are living with mental illness.

Movement Must-Reads: Medical cannabis at HBCUs, #CoffeeWhileBlack, making the wrong moves in the NFL

Southern University took a big leap for historically black colleges and universities trying to muscle into the growing nationwide legal cannabis industry.

Southern University set to launch first medical marijuana program at a historically black college

The university's agricultural center will grow, manufacture and distribute medical marijuana.

Here’s the racial bias training Starbucks employees got Tuesday, according to its architects

A deep dive into the 3 1/2-hour sessions.