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57 minutes ago

Brooklyn Broadway Islamic Center fire marks 5th mosque to burn down in 2017

The NYPD and CAIR-NY believe the fire on Saturday was not part of a hate-motivated crime.

These 7 photos show the controversial New Orleans Confederate monument removal

Some believe the monuments are a tribute to southern history, but others believe they're relics of a shameful past.

The March for Science isn't just for science nerds. It's about social justice.

Organizers are hoping diverse voices turn this "march into a movement."

This artist's photo series perfectly captures what it's like #BeingBlackAndMuslim

"#BeingBlackAndMuslim means dealing with anti-blackness, Arab supremacy, and Islamophobia."

Amid uproar at a Philadelphia LGBTQ health center, an activist is putting his life on the line

Mazzoni Center staff staged a walk out earlier this week, as well.
April 13, 2017

Jeff Sessions may have doubts about police reform agreements. But they actually do work.

Police consent decrees have given residents hope after years of unchecked abuse by officers.

GOP Florida Sen. Frank Artiles resigns after racist, sexist rant against black colleagues

Artiles called fellow Sen. Audrey Gibson a "fucking asshole" and a "bitch," then referred to other senators as "niggers."

German-Russian suspect bombed soccer bus, then blamed Muslims, investigators say

"The fact that someone wanted to enrich himself by killing people to influence the stock market is particularly reprehensible."

Sen. Cory Booker condemns DHS for revoking global entry cards for Muslim travelers

The senator told 'Mic' it is "deeply troubling" if Homeland Security is discriminating against people on the basis of religion.

This Auburn University student completely shut down white nationalist Richard Spencer

Dozens of students and faculty members protested the event on Tuesday.
April 20, 2017

Pride Toronto is banning police floats— and now police want the city to defund the group

The LGBTQ nonprofit implemented the demands of Black Lives Matter Toronto in January.

Catholic teacher gave 6th graders reading that described Islam as "immoral and corrupting"

The reading also referred to Prophet Muhammad as a "ignoramus," "charlatan," "impostor" and "false prophet."

Georgetown renames buildings after slaves, asks for forgiveness for its role in slavery

In 1838, Georgetown University sold 272 slaves as a means to pay off its debts.

Freddie Gray died 2 years ago today — and Baltimore is still seeking police reform

Civil rights leaders are pressuring Baltimore officials to be transparent in forming a new civilian police oversight task force.

Owner of NYC gay bar accused of racial discrimination finally speaks out

"We acknowledge that there were hurt feelings and anger, and we hope this dissipates with time."
April 19, 2017

Tom Brady will not join Patriots teammates at White House, citing "family matters"

Meanwhile, five Patriots players have announced they will skip the trip to protest Trump.

Judge Sheila Abdus-Salaam's husband calls speculations about his wife's death "unwarranted and irresponsible"

Abdus-Salaam's husband speaks out about recent reports that she possibly committed suicide.

These Muslim travelers had their Global Entry cards revoked. Now they’re suing the DHS.

Immigration attorneys want to determine if Customs and Border Protection were discriminating against Muslim and Arab travelers.

Colin Powell plans to pay very close attention to Jeff Sessions' police reform agenda

Colin Powell said the government has a role to play in keeping young people out of the criminal justice system.

Italian airport staff stops Muslim woman from boarding plane: "You are not safe for us."

"You could hide something in your hair. If you don’t take it off, we do not know if there’s something inside, OK?"