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July 24, 2017

Man with Nazi tattoos at Cleveland Indians game sparks outrage. The Indians’ mascot is still racist.

Swastikas are bad. So is Chief Wahoo.

Baton Rouge police chief resigns after a year of political turmoil over Alton Sterling shooting

Baton Rouge's mayor had campaigned on a promise to replace the city's police chief, in the wake of Alton Sterling's shooting death.

‘Whose Streets?’ film highlights Ferguson activists’ battle with the trauma of protests

Brittany Ferrell, an organizer of the Ferguson Uprising, says a new documentary about Black Lives Matter protests shows why activists should be more intentional about checking in on each other.

Minneapolis police chief resigns after fatal shooting of Australian woman

Minneapolis Police Chief Janeé Harteau announced in a Facebook post that she is stepping aside.

Mentally ill prisoners in Louisiana forced to bark like dogs for food, lawsuit claims

Investigators came. Everyone was told not to speak to them.
July 21, 2017

Philando Castile’s mother supports Justine Damond’s family at march in Minneapolis

"We're just here to support the family," she said. "That's all."

Lawyer says Justine Damond is “most innocent” police shooting victim he’s ever seen

Observers were quick to point out that several black children have been killed by police.

A jail in Tennessee is offering reduced sentences for voluntary vasectomies

Eugenics lives on in 2017.

How the media covers “honor killings” in different ways for women of different religions

Experts say these deaths should be viewed as acts of domestic violence.

Muslim bus driver in Atlanta is suing elementary school principal for discrimination

Twanesia Crawford alleges she was not allowed in Hope Hill Elementary School because she was praying on her school bus.
July 20, 2017

Kamala Harris' first signature bill attempts to end discriminatory "money bail" systems

The California senator introduced a bipartisan bill that would give millions in grants to states that individualize the pretrial release process.

People are sharing this video of John McCain defending Obama against scared white people in 2008

The video is meant to celebrate McCain's decency. But what really happened is more troubling.

GOP Senator defends hijab-wearing opponent from anti-Muslim abuse

Police are now escorting the Muslim Senate candidate to public events in response to the online abuse and hate mail.

Cults have a long history of exploiting black women

Black women have been exploited by cultic relationships for years. But this fact is often overlooked.

Anti-Muslim hate crimes spiked 91% within first half of 2017, new report says

2017 is on track to become one of the worst years for anti-Muslim hate crimes, according to a new report.
July 18, 2017

Prosecutor decides not to try Ray Tensing for third time in Sam DuBose's death

Twice already, jurors have not been able to agree whether Ray Tensing was guilty of murdering Sam DuBose.

It’s 2017 and companies are still describing products as “n*gger-brown”

Walmart's website was selling a third-party product with the descriptor, and people were outraged.

Even where marijuana is decriminalized, police continue to target minorities for arrests

What if prosecutors just started throwing out these cases en masse?

Fans of ‘Doctor Who’ celebrate as BBC announces that the 13th doctor will be a woman

Jodie Whittaker will be the first woman to play the role in the show's 54-year history.

These women converted to Islam and are not here for anti-Muslim bigotry

Mic talked to several women who recently converted to Islam.