Everything you missed — but need to know — from the Winter Olympics

Pyeongchang’s fame might be fleeting, but we’ll never forget the political undertones, Chloe Kim's historic wins and the famous Garlic Girls of South Korea.


After 10 years in Seoul, he moved back to Pyeongchang. Now, he worries about Olympic fallout.

He left 10 years and a master's degree behind in Seoul to work on the family farm. Now, he worries the Olympics might've soured Pyeongchang.

After the Olympics, will Pyeongchang’s rebrand as an international tourist destination stick?

Billions have been poured into infrastructure and rebranding Pyeongchang. We spoke to locals about whether they think visitors will travel here after the Olympics.

Exclusive: Chloe Kim’s Kellogg’s Corn Flakes box broke a record by selling out in 7 hours

The youngest female snowboarder to win Olympic gold has another record to add to her growing list.

In an epic game, the US women’s ice hockey team beats Canada to win gold during shootout

The U.S. women's team hasn't won gold since 1998 — the first year women's hockey was a sport at the Olympic Games.

Olympian Kikkan Randall, the only mom on Team USA, just took gold in cross-country skiing

Kikkan Randall and teammate Jessica Diggins were the first American women to win gold in cross-country skiing.


Team USA bobsledders Elana Meyers Taylor and Lauren Gibbs win silver at the Winter Olympics

Meyers Taylor is the veteran on the U.S. women's bobsled team.

What it’s like to be at the Olympics when you don’t give a damn about sports

The games and crowds are exhilarating to experience in person — and one reporter found out just how contagious the excitement is.

South Koreans react to their president’s historic invitation to North Korea

"We cannot accept the invitation. It’s totally unacceptable. We can’t go to Pyongyang without solving the nuclear issue first."

Silver medalist Nick Goepper says talking openly about depression is part of his “healing process”

"I just really appreciate that people are listening to my story and can take inspiration from it."

South Koreans are projected to live longer than everyone else — and their food is just one reason

The fermentation in popular Korean foods like kimchi is only one of the factors in the country's high life-expectancy rate.

Tara Lipinski and Meryl Davis talk figure skating costumes: the sparkle, the spandex, the drama!

“Life is short and life is difficult. If you can watch a beautiful sport sparkle, why not?”

Olympic medalist Elana Meyers Taylor isn’t done breaking gender and race barriers in bobsledding

"People think that people of color should just be in the back of the sled, which is crazy to hear in 2018," she said in an exclusive interview with Mic.

American hero Michelle Kwan still gets emotional when she looks at how far figure skating has come

She's in South Korea cheering on Team USA figure skaters — many of whom were inspired by Kwan's story.

Team USA’s Chloe Kim makes history as the youngest female snowboarder to win Olympic gold

The 17-year-old scored a high of 98.25 on her final run.

Gus Kenworthy on traveling to South Korea — and his words of encouragement for LGBTQ communities

'Mic' sat down with Gus Kenworthy to talk about his career, LGBTQ activism and the one thing he can't wait to do in South Korea.


Openly gay Olympic athlete Gus Kenworthy: “Eat your heart out, Mike Pence.”

The athlete spoke out against Pence Sunday after previously calling the vice president a "bad fit" for the Olympic delegation.

South Korea’s transit is famous, but foreigners are still getting lost and stranded at the Olympics

Olympic spectators in Pyeongchang are fighting over taxis and seats on shuttle buses.

South Korea’s brand-new Olympic bullet train will make Americans jealous

Americans can only dream of having a train like this, let alone building it so quickly.

What you didn’t see on TV: An insider’s look at what was happening at the Olympics opening ceremony

An on-the-ground look at the opening ceremony of the 2018 Winter Olympics.

Despite what we see in the US, there’s much more to Korean food than barbecue and fried chicken

With all eyes on South Korea during the Olympics, we asked two chefs to clear up the misconception that Korean cuisine is all about meat.

Opening ceremony report: Kim Jong Un’s sister is in Pyeongchang, but some Koreans remain skeptical

History is made as Kim Jong Un sends his sister to South Korea for the Olympics. But in Pyeongchang, many remain highly skeptical of North Korea's true intentions.

18 black athletes and their inspiring 2018 Winter Olympics stories

Black excellence will be hitting the slopes and ice rinks of South Korea.

Adam Rippon is the first out gay American athlete to medal at the Winter Olympics

In his words, his “blades are sharp” but his “tongue is sharper.”

2018 Winter Olympics: AJ Edelman, an Orthodox Jew, is Israel’s first skeleton athlete

He wants to send a message to all Jews that they, too, can accomplish their dreams.

2018 Winter Olympics: Australian snowboarder Belle Brockhoff is also an LGBTQ rights activist

The snowboarder injured herself in December and was cleared to compete at the end of January. In an exclusive with Mic, Brockhoff talked about her preparations for the Winter Olympics in Pyeongchang.

2018 Winter Olympics: Puerto Rico skier Charles Flaherty breaks the territory’s 20-year dry spell

The alpine skier is the first athlete to compete for Puerto Rico in the Winter Olympics since 1998.

Chloe Kim leads the halfpipe qualifier, could be the youngest female snowboarder to win Olympic gold

The snowboard prodigy has been hitting the slopes since she was four.

2018 Winter Olympics: Team USA bobsledder Elana Meyers Taylor is America’s hardest-working athlete

Meyers Taylor retired from softball when the IOC dropped the sport in 2005. She's since picked up bobsledding, and in Pyeongchang, she'll go for the gold.

2018 Winter Olympics: Erin Jackson is the first African-American woman to ever compete in long track

Jackson learned to speed skate in just four months of formal training.