Heir to Aaron Swartz: Kazakh Student Alexandra Elbakyan Made a Black Market for Knowledge

The heir to Aaron Swartz is infuriating the publishing industry.


3 Years After Aaron Swartz's Death, Here's What's Happened to Aaron's Law

Get angry. Then get out your phone.

While You Were Sleeping, 5 HUGE Cyber Hacking Stories Made News This Weekend

The tech community is on high alert after more scary privacy breaches showed just how vulnerable our online data really is.

SecureDrop is the Anonymous Whistleblowing System Journalists Have Been Waiting For

SecureDrop is here, and that's good for sources and journalists alike. The system makes the identity of sources completely unknown to everybody including the journalists receiving information.

4 Shocking Things From the Secret Service File On Aaron Swartz

A number of Aaron Swartz's investigation files were released to public record recently, and I read 104 pages of federal documents so you wouldn't have to. Read the most interesting parts here.

This is What the Secret Service Has to Say About Aaron Scwartz

The Secret Service has released 104 pages of Aaron Swartz's file following a court order. The report reveals an over-the-top investigation into the life of an activist driven by archaic laws.

Mic Check: How Bradley Manning Became the Most Unusual Revolutionary in American History

Today's PolicyMic newsletter, featuring my take on the world's top news and some of the best links from around the web.

5 Famous Whistleblowers Who Shaped History

Edward Snowden is only the most recent example in a long tradition of whistleblowing. Here's a look into the lives of the five men behind America's biggest information leaks.

4 Potentially Terrifying Civil Liberties Debates We'll Be Having in the Not-So-Distant Future

Gay marriage and abortion are approaching the final stages of debate. Will we soon be debating genetically modified babies, cyborg citizens, and whether or not to factory-farm insects?

Strongbox Launch: How Aaron Swartz is Still Defending Your Internet Privacy

The late internet activist Aaron Swart's project with the New Yorker launched Wednesday. Strongbox lets users share information, messages, and files with writers and editors anonymously.

Aaron Swartz Interview Video: Months Before His Suicide, He Warned Corporations Could Censor the Internet

An interview of Aaron Swartz, the Internet activist who committed suicide, has been released. He warned of internet censorship by private and government actors, months before his legal fight.

Aaron Swartz Said Elite Schools Are Intellectually Dead: He's Wrong

The late Aaron Swartz was disappointed in Stanford's lack of an "intellectual atmosphere." But maybe a more pragmatic, hands-on education is a good thing.

3 Ways Washington Should Honor Aaron Swartz

Last week, the White House announced that it will move to make publicly funded research available to the public more rapidly, but there is more to be done for true open access.

'Anonymous' Hackers Threaten to Black Out SOTU Address

The mysterious group of hacking activists has threatened to prevent Tuesday's State of the Union speech from being streamed online.

Aaron Swartz Suicide: Petition to Fire Prosecutor Reaches 25,000 Signatures Needed For White House Response

Internet activists have gathered the 25,000 signatures necessary for a White House response to their petition to fire Aaron Swartz's prosecutor for unjust prosecution.

Anonymous Hacks MIT Over Reddit Co-Founder Aaron Swartz's Suicide

The hacktivist group attacked MIT servers on Sunday to post a memorial on behalf of the late internet activist and call for a "free and unfettered internet."

Aaron Swartz White House Petition: Is Carmen Ortiz the Bad Guy in the Reddit Founder's Saga?

A White House petition asking for the removal of U.S. Attorney Carmen Ortiz, the prosecutor who pressed charges against the late Aaron Swartz, has reached 12,000 signatures (and counting).

Aaron Swartz Death: The Best Way to Honor the Reddit Co-Founder is to Keep the Internet Free

The mainstream news labels Aaron Swartz as merely the co-founder of Reddit. What they forget is that he was a fiery young man spearheading the internet freedom movement.

Aaron Swartz Suicide: Was He Hounded to Death By an Unjust Prosecution?

Reddit founder Aaron Swartz suffered from depression and was under prosecution for "illegally obtaining" journals from JSTOR when he was found dead yesterday, a victim of unjust prosecution.

Aaron Swartz Suicide: 26-Year-Old Internet Activist Found Dead in New York City

Aaron Swartz, famed internet activist and co-author of the RSS 1.0 specifications, committed suicide.