Istanbul LGBT pride march banned by government for safety concerns

A right-wing nationalist group has vowed to stop the protest.


Erdogan's bodyguards beat protesters during his Washington, DC, visit

The dramatic brawl left nine people injured and two arrested.

Trump told Comey to consider jailing journalists. Here's why that's troubling.

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Navigating Trump's America: The James Comey memos are a game-changer — here's why

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Another leak. Another Donald Trump and Russia story. Still no special prosecutor.

Republicans were largely silent after news broke that Trump leaked classified information to the Russians.

Here's what Trump's been up to since firing FBI Director James Comey

ICYMI, he's been busy.

Navigating Trump's America: Buckle up. The Russia investigations are not going away.

For Democrats and key Republicans, the Russia investigation is just getting started.

World Press Freedom Day: Here's a list of the worst places to be a journalist in 2017

These countries make Trump and Sean Spicer seem tame by comparison.

Sean Spicer struggles to defend Trump's willingness to meet murderous dictators

Sean Spicer had his work cut out for him on Monday.

Donald Trump congratulates Turkey's Erdogan on his huge power grab

Trump called Turkey's Recep Tayyip Erdogan to congratulate him for a referendum critics say was riddled with fraud.

There's one place Trump seems to think he can actually win — foreign policy

The president is following the scent of rising approval ratings and decisive "winning."


Syria Bombing: Here's what Trump could do next

Here's what Trump could do next in Syria.

Istanbul Nightclub Attack Updates: Attacker identified, Turkish official says

The attacker's name and nationality have not yet been released.

What the murder of the Russian ambassador in Turkey says about the world

The world reacts to the assassination of Russian ambassador Andrei Karlov.

'Time' 2016 Person of the Year Short List: Here are the nominees and their chances

Who's who on 'Time' magazine's Person of the Year short list?

Donald Trump is expected to pick Michael Flynn for national security adviser

He has a controversial past.


Turkey launches military operation in Syria to free ISIS-controlled border town

Warplanes began dropping targeted bombs in the ISIS-controlled town of Jarablus Wednesday morning.

Turkey suicide bomber was only 12 to 14 years old, President Erdogan says

The use of child suicide bombers is on the rise in radical Islamic groups.

Blast in Gaziantep, Turkey, kills at least 20, wounds more than 90

Authorities believe the blast was a "terror attack," though investigations are ongoing.

The Turkish Government Just Shut Down Over 100 Media Outlets

"This uprising is a gift from God..."

Was the Munich Shooting Terrorism? Latest Details on Shopping Mall Attack in Germany

Here's what we know about the rampage in Munich.


ISIS Takes Credit for Axe Attack on German Train

Authorities found a hand-painted ISIS flag in his room.

'Pokémon Go' Servers Crash Amid Claims of DDOS Attack

However, it is unclear the group which claimed credit is actually responsible for the service outage.

Another Terrorist Attack in Turkey Kills 5, Wounds Dozens

"Terrorism once again showed its ugly and treacherous face, and targeted civilians," the Turkish foreign minister told media.

The Turkish Police Fired Rubber Bullets at Women Celebrating International Women's Day

"You see the power of women. We are here despite every obstacle and we will continue to fight for our cause."


17 Photos of Riot Police Seizing Control of Turkey's Largest Newspaper

"As of today, the constitution has been suspended." Today's Zaman editor-in-chief Sevgi Akarcesme said.