Donald Trump touched a glowing orb, and a meme was born

Donald Trump touched a glowing orb, and the internet went wild.

3 takeaways from day 1 of Donald Trump's Saudi Arabia trip

Trump is arming Saudi Arabia to the tune of $110 billion, despite human-rights concerns.

Uber Just Got the Biggest Private Investment in History From a Top Human Rights Violator

When it comes to women's rights, it's a match made in heaven.

The Year in Anonymous: Everything Your Favorite Hacktivists Accomplished in 2015

You expected them, and they delivered. Sort of.

Anonymous Hackers Target Saudi Government Over Planned Execution of Teen

"Saudi Arabia's faulty justice system facilitates judicial executions on a mass scale."

King Abdullah Wasn't a Reformer. He Was a Monster.

Abdullah is dead. Let's bury the myth that he was a reformer with him.

If You Can't Get Enough of Tom Brady's Balls and #Deflategate, You Should See These Photos

These photos tell an incredibly important story.

King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia Has Died

He was 90.

Senators to Saudi Arabia: Stop Flogging Your Blogger

"Such an example of state-sanctioned violence against peaceful religious dialogue is highly troubling."


7 of the World's Wealthiest Politicians and the Crazy Things They Spend Their Money On

One of them owns a gold-plated Rolls Royce. Because YOLO

When Placed in the Wrong Hands, Social Media is Being Used to Oppress Women Around the World

Women are taking to social media to raise awareness of their fight for equality. But dictators and harsh governments have access to the very same tools.

Saudi Arabia Driving Ban: I Can't Believe People Still Have to Protest This Crap

Saudi government's excuse has long been that they enforce a ban on women driving ban because society supports it. What if that changes?

The Inside Story Of Saudi Arabia's Bizarre Ban On Female Drivers

Saudi Arabia has witnessed incremental improvements in women's rights, and now is the time for activists to use this momentum to fight for women's right to drive.

Saudi Princess Who May Have Kept a Slave in California Goes Free

Saudi princess, Meshael Alayban, was accused of keeping a Kenyan woman as a slave in her Calif. condo. She has recently been released of all charges with little proof that she is in innocent.

PolicyMic Movie Guide: What to See, Stream, and Skip This Week

A groundbreaking debut, journey into the heart of darkness, and slapstick gangster flick make up our picks for the movies to see, stream, and skip this week.

The Egyptian Coup, Brought to You By Saudi Arabia

A popular Saudi political activist and blogger published information that makes it clear who paid for the overthrow of Mohammed Morsi (and why they did it).

Is a Saudi Princess Going to Buy Her Way Out Of U.S. Law?

When it comes to financial privileges, how far will the Saudis' wealth take them on American soil? A human-trafficking case in California could be the ultimate test of their power.

Saudi Arabian "Self-Help" Writer Calls For All Working Women to Be Molested On Twitter

A prominent Saudi Arabian self-help writer called upon his Twitter followers to molest any working women.

Raha Moharrak: First Saudi Woman to Climb Mount Everest

Moharrak breaks stereotypes by becoming the first woman from her country to climb Mount Everest.


6 Countries Whose Prisons Give Gitmo a Run For Its Money

Guantánamo Bay is where the U.S. detains and interrogates terrorist threats. It has its pros and cons, but how does it compare to other nations trying to do the same thing?

Saudi Arabia Women's Rights: Private School Girls Now Allowed to Play Sports

And by "dizzyingly," we mean baby steps as private school girls in Saudi Arabia are allowed to play sports.

Saudi Arabia Will Now Allow Women to Ride Bikes in Public

Sure, we may take bike riding for granted, but for the women of Saudi Arabia it's another step forward in the long fight for equality.

Watch Oscars 2013 Live Online

Our collection of the top stories you need to read from this week, as featured in today's Sunday Download.

Rizana Nafeek, Sri Lankan Nanny, Beheaded in Saudi Arabia for Death of an Infant

The execution, for the death of an infant in Nafeek's care when she was 17-years-old, is being protested by Human Rights Watch.


5 Dictatorships to Watch in 2013

From Mohammed Morsi to Aleksander Lukashenko, the cast of political egomaniacs remains interesting for 2013.

Saudi Women in Olympics: Nothing More Than a PR Stunt by Misogynistic Government

The participation of two Saudi Arabian women in the Olympics is not a sign of increasing rights in the country, but it does open the door to progress for women athletes.

Saudi Arabia Succession, Price of Oil in Doubt After Death of Crown Prince Nayef

Crown Prince Nayef's death highlights the reality that most of Saudi's royals are elderly and the future of the country is uncertain.

After Twitter Incident, Liberal Blogger Hamza Kashagari Hunted Down By Saudi Inquisition

A witch-hunt in the Kingdom has erupted by the Saudi clerical establishment to root out “liberals” who seek a more modern, open and tolerant approach in Saudi society.