The Underground Railroad stretches beyond the South — one traveler traces its route in Philadelphia

"I am always looking for traces of blackness — the people, the food, their spirits — while traveling."


The harrowing legacy of slavery no one talks about.

This is the real legacy of slavery no one talks about.

North Carolina legislator Larry Pittman compares Abraham Lincoln to Adolf Hitler

Well, this is certainly something that gives Sean Spicer a run for his money.

With a gun-toting Harriet Tubman, 'Underground' is the perfect ode to revolutionary women

The second season premiere of 'Underground' capped off an epic International Women's Day.

Canada Goose claps back after PETA ropes Justin Long into its effort to shame fur wearers

"PETA misrepresent the facts and use sensational tactics, including celebrities, to try to illicit a reaction."

This new photo of Harriet Tubman, recently found in an abolitionist's album, is everything

Harriet Tubman freed hundreds of enslaved African-Americans. This is how we can remember her.

#PenceBlackHistory recognizes our favorite white saviors during Black History Month

People on Twitter are roasting Mike Pence for his tweet celebrating Abraham Lincoln for Black History Month.

#TrumpBlackHistory perfectly explains Donald Trump's ignorance about black America

Twitter is fully roasting Trump's knowledge of black history.

Who Is Frederick Douglass? Google Doodle Celebrates Birth of Civil Rights Crusader

Google honors Frederick Douglass for Black History Month 2016.

Here's the Deleted Slavery Meme Minnesota Republicans Don't Want You to See

It offended women, African-Americans, the pro-choice movement, and those opposed to slavery all at the same time.

CPAC 2013: Scott Terry Racist Comment Defended By Other Participants

CPAC's "Trump the Race Card" seminar turned into a circus when Scott Terry suggested Frederick Douglass should be thankful for the food and shelter he received as a slave. What gives?

Oberlin College Hate Speech Imitates How Americans Discriminate As Adults

The incidents of intolerance that led Oberlin College to cancel classes is an indication that we still have a long way to go before we reach a state of racial, ethnic and gender harmony.

Until This Month, Mississippi Has Officially Been Legally Pro-Slavery For 150 Years

Two local academics found that Mississippi's secretary of state didn't send a copy of the bill banning slavery to the office of the federal register 147 years ago.

Abraham Lincoln and Charles Darwin Turn 204: Why They're Two Of the Most Influential Figures in History

Today is the 204thbirthday of two of the most influential figures in world history – Abraham Lincoln and Charles Darwin.

'Django Unchained' Review: Slavery Story With A-List Actors Opens Door For Black Filmmakers

'Django' has created an opportunity for black filmmakers to share great tales of history and re-frame the narrative of slavery in America.

Is 'Lincoln' Historically Accurate? Why It May Need a Revision

After being reviewed as a mix of drama and history lesson, 'Lincoln' fails a fact-check after a Connecticut Congressman notices big mistake. Does it even matter?