This Week in Reproductive Rights: A Title X vote and backwards views on parental leave

The Senate voted on a major bill that would allow states to withhold Title X funds from clinics that provide abortions.

Defunding Planned Parenthood: Access to reproductive health services could hang in the balance

Fewer clinics mean higher costs — for everything.

Utah lawmakers are trying to force doctors to tell patients some abortions are reversible

A Republican-backed anti-abortion bill relies on science that has been called "tantamount to quackery."

Ohio laws intended to protect women actually made abortion more dangerous, study finds

Unsurprisingly, low-income women were disproportionately affected.

Women Are Learning About Herbal Abortion Online — Here's Why That's a Problem

"Why are we going back to times pre-modern medicine?"

The U.S. Government May Finally Be Catching Up to Public Opinion on Birth Control

It's about freaking time.

Arizona and Arkansas Just Passed Bills Ordering Doctors to Lie About Abortion to Patients

Doctors say the law is "not evidence-based" and "really disturbing."

One Mom's Horrific Story Makes Clear Why Women Need Easy Access to Abortions

Her breaking the law shows just how bad the laws have become.

The Hypocrisy of America's Political Priorities, in One Hand-Drawn Image

One simple image captures the alarming reality of American politics.

One Woman Destroyed the Biggest Pro-Life Myth by Filming Her Own Abortion

This is something every young woman should see.

Halloween Hell Houses Aim to Scare You Straight, Literally

Hell Houses are "haunted houses" run by Christian fundamentalists with rooms depicting doctors ripping tissue from between girls' legs and gay men dying of AIDS.

5 Ugly Facts About the New Texas Abortion Bill

On Thursday, Texas Governor Rick Perry signed into law HB2, which makes abortion after 20 weeks illegal and introduces a host of other restrictions that will close a majority of abortion clinics.

Alabama Abortion Ban 2013: Parts Of Alabama's Abortion Ban Are Blocked in Court

A ruling on Friday delayed part of Alabama's HB57, which requires abortion providers to have local hospital admitting privileges. However, other provisions of the law could still close clinics.

Paul Ryan Faith and Freedom Speech: Obamacare "Mandates" Abortions

Paul Ryan says that churches, charaties, and hospitals are being forced to buy health care options which contradict their beliefs. He's dead wrong.

Fabio Martinez Castilla: Abortion is Worse Than Child Rape, Says Mexican Archbishop

Mexican Archbishop alleges "abortion is much more serious than rape of children by priests" in a recent homily.

France Makes Contraception and Abortion Free

France just passed a landmark piece of legislation that makes birth control free from girls aged 15-18 and abortion free for all women.

Anti-Abortion Republicans Guilty of Outrageous Hypocrisy

The Republicans want a government so small that it can fit inside a woman's uterus.