‘Mic Dispatch’ episode 23: Abortion provider travels across states to administer care (transcript)

Dr. Colleen McNicholas is an abortion provider who travels over 400 miles almost every week to provide care. She works at four clinics in three different states: Missouri, Kansas and Oklahoma.

Federal court strikes down abortion law that would have shut down the last clinic in Kentucky

The ruling struck down a law that “impose[d] substantial obstacles to abortion access and result[ed] in no benefit.”

Judge rules anti-abortion protesters in New York did not unlawfully harass patients and staff

The protesters were accused of threatening, lying and harassing patients and escorts at the Queens-based clinic.

You can’t call yourself a social justice organization if your employees aren’t paid a living wage

How can an organization claim to be an advocate for women and families while offering a salary that would be unsustainable for most women and their families?

The ACLU just saved the last abortion clinic in Kentucky from closing

Gov. Matt Bevin ordered the EMW Women's Surgical Center in Louisville to be shut down. The ACLU fought back — and won.

7 contradictory quotes from President Trump on Planned Parenthood

The president hasn't always been consistent when it comes to his views on Planned Parenthood.

'Across the Line' Uses Virtual Reality to Put Viewers in Abortion Patients' Shoes

Viewers put themselves in the patient's shoes.

While You Were Relaxing This Weekend, 13 Vital Abortion Clinics Closed Their Doors

"When I got here, I found out the law had changed yesterday. I thought, 'How is that possible?'"

One Mom's Horrific Story Makes Clear Why Women Need Easy Access to Abortions

Her breaking the law shows just how bad the laws have become.

This Couple Has the Perfect Response to Anti-Abortion Protesters

And they're documenting it on our new favorite Tumblr.

The 8 Biggest Lies About Abortion, Debunked by the Year's Most Important Rom-Com

Finally, a movie that shows abortion for what it really is.

4 States Ready to Pass Abortion Bills Even Worse Than the One in Texas

Numerous states are gearing up to pass abortion bills even more restrictive than the one Wendy Davis is fighting.

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Dr. Kermit Gosnell's Abortion Trial: Why Isn't the Media Covering It?

The official trial of Dr. Gosnell opened on March 18 this year, to something of a major media blackout. It is not surprising that our friends on the left want to avoid this "incident."