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Yes, I'm Pro-Abortion

If we truly respect choice and women’s right to choose abortion, then we have to begin to be more comfortable with saying: I support the right to an abortion.

Roe v. Wade Anniversary: As Historic Law Turns 40, Abortion Restrictions Still Linger

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75% Of Millennials Are Pro Choice, And 65% Are Pro-Life. Wait. What?

A study by the Public Religion Research Institute finds that millennials simultaneously identify as pro-life and pro-choice, reflecting America's age-old ambivalence over abortion rights.

Latest Presidential Polls: Abortion is an Issue For Only 17 Percent of Voters

As voters weigh in more heavily on gender specific issues, the social issue of abortion should bear more weight. Abortion is an issue of humanity, which is not isolated to a specific gender.

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Iowa representative Steve King famously defended Todd Akin after his widely discussed "legitimate rape" comment. Does his stance on abortion affect the rest of the Hawkeye state?